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The #1 Reason Using Conditioner Is Important for Your Hair

By: Alejandro Buttari |
The #1 Reason Using Conditioner Is Important for Your Hair

Beautiful healthy hair is an asset. It can make us look more attractive, feel more confident, and present ourselves in a better light. Taking care of our hair is thus one of the key priorities when it comes to maintaining our physical appearances.

Next to shampoo, one of the most common hair care products we encounter is conditioner.

What Is Hair Conditioner?

A hair conditioner is a conditioner for your hair that is enriched with nourishing, moisturizing, and protecting ingredients. It can improve the look and feel of your hair by restoring lost moisture in your strands while protecting it against damage.

This post-shampoo product is essential in your hair care routine.

Why, you ask?

Because shampoos strip hair of its natural oils and moisture while removing dirt, dust, debris, and other impurities. This makes your hair dry, dull, and frizzy — a condition that only becomes worse with chemical treatments and the regular use of heat-based tools and chemically-laden hair products.

Using hair conditioner — particularly one made with natural products — can be your best line of defense against this damage.

Conditioners have fatty alcohol, oils, and other emollients that can make your hair soft and flexible. Some also have protein, which can bind split ends, and thickening agents to give you the appearance of a fuller head of hair. They can also repair dry damaged strands by clinging to the hair and reducing static.

Hydration: The #1 Reason Why a Conditioner Is Important for Your Hair

Hydration is key to ensuring your hair’s overall wellness.

Just as you would give your body plenty of water to ensure hydration and apply moisturizer to keep your skin soft and supple, you should use conditioner to meet your hair’s hydration needs.

A hair conditioner is an effective moisturizer for your hair. It helps seal the cuticle, conditions your hair to minimize frizz, and gives your hair more volume. In essence, it replenishes lost moisture to make your hair healthier and more moisturized.

Still Unconvinced? Here Are 4 Compelling Benefits

In addition to hydration, hair conditioner also offers numerous benefits to ensure overall hair health. It retains moisture in the scalp and hair and strengthens the hair shaft to improve elasticity. Conditioning your hair can thus make your hair healthy while improving its luster and manageability.

It does this by: 

Providing Moisture

Cleansing shampoos can strip away moisture and natural oils along with impurities. This can make your hair look dull, dry, and rough.

You can use hair conditioner, which is made up of cationic surfactants, to replenish lost moisture. A conditioner will nourish your hair and lock out humidity to reduce frizz and make your strands soft, shiny, and more manageable.

Protecting Strands

Heat-based tools and chemicals in hair care products may give that hairstyle you’ve been admiring but they can also make your hair dry, brittle, and more prone to damage.

Regular use of hair conditioners can protect your locks from damage.

Many conditioners on the market can protect chemically treated hair and minimize damage caused by heat-styling tools like blow dryers and curling irons. If you periodically heat style and use chemicals on your mane, look for products that come with UV protection. This feature will shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and prevent colored hair from fading too quickly.

Detangling Hair

Tired of tangled locks? Or perhaps you have flyaways and unruly hair?

If so, you need to use a hair conditioner.

A hair conditioner creates a protective coating around the strands that makes it easier to comb through by reducing frustrating knots, frizziness, and snags. It makes your hair softer and smoother so you can easily brush and style your hair without damaging the cuticle.

How Do You Use a Hair Conditioner?

After shampooing, applying conditioner is the second step when washing your hair.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using a hair conditioner:

  1. Squeeze a dime-sized amount of conditioner on your palm.
  2. Apply it evenly on wet hair. Make sure that you’ve squeezed some water out of your strands post-shampoo, or it will dilute the product and make it less potent. Also, avoid using it on your roots and scalp as it can make them oilier. Focus on the ends of your hair which is usually the driest part.
  3. Use your fingers to work the product into your hair. You can also use a wide-tooth comb for more even distribution.
  4. Leave it on for 2-3 minutes to allow it to work.
  5. Rinse it off thoroughly until the slipperiness is gone. After stepping out of the shower, pat your hair dry with a soft towel.

You can use a conditioner 2 to 3 times a week or after shampooing. Just make sure to use the right conditioner for your hair type for the best results.

Summing Up

Incorporating conditioners into your hair-washing routine can make a big difference. Because they boost moisture, conditioners can make your hair softer, more manageable, and healthier.

Since you can apply it after you shampoo your hair, adding it to your shower routine shouldn’t be too difficult.

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This information is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.