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Get 15% Off Your First Order With Code "DS15"

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Spectral.DNC-N | Hair Density Serum with Nanoxidil® 5%

Spectral.DNC-N® is the first clinically tested topical serum to employ 5% Nanoxidil® complex. This powerful proprietary molecular compound improves the appearance of thinning hair thanks to its low molecular weight that enhances absorption and efficacy. Our unique formula combined with scientifically proven ingredients of the highest quality is encapsulated in our proprietary Nanosome Delivery System®. This lightweight serum minimizes hair shedding and increases the appearance of hair density, thickness, and volume. Developed and recommended by top dermatologists around the world.

Improves hair density,
thickness, and appearance

Advanced Nanosome® System

Recommended by Dermatologists

Clinically Proven

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Formulated with Nanoxidil 5%

The drug-free alternative ingredient developed by DS Laboratories with a lower molecular weight to take action on your scalp and hair.

For All Types of Hair Loss

For both men and women concerned with hair loss and thinning hair, from hormonal issues helping to block DHT to male and female pattern baldness.

Water-Based, Non-Greasy Formula

Unlike other treatments, our formula is Propylene glycol free, an agent that commonly causes irritation and contact dermatitis, with even more frequent complaints of promoting greasy hair.

"Study of perceived efficacy: Revita® Shampoo" Noronha, R., May, 2012, Campinas - SP - Brazil

“Nanoxidil is very similar to minoxidil, without the side effects of an irritated scalp that some Rogaine users report,” explains Green, making nanoxidil a good bet for patients who have experienced scalp sensitivity or dry skin from Rogaine. She suggests this nanoxidil product from DS Laboratories, which is also formulated with retinol to promote scalp health and azelaic acid to block DHT. While nanoxidil in general is a fairly new product, Green tells us it has proven very effective in treating hair loss because nanoxidil “has a smaller molecular weight, which allows it to penetrate the scalp faster, resulting in a better absorption rate,” she says. Like finasteride, Green says it has also been shown to increase hair density as well as hair growth.

Dr. Michele Green

Board Certified Dermatologist and
Plastic Surgeon

Nanoxidil 5%, found in Spectral.DNC-N fights the inflammation and stimulates hair growth with mechanisms that complement the actions of Minoxidil

Dr. Antonella Tosti

Fredric Brandt Endowed Professor of