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Revita 3 Pack - 3 Month Supply

Hair Growth Support Gummies

Revita 3 Pack - 3 Month Supply

Hair Growth Support Gummies

Product Benefits

  • Maintains hair growth with more visible thickness and scalp coverage
  • Helps maintain hair health and fullness by promoting resilience to hormones, stress, and poor nutrition 
  • Fuller-looking hair in as soon as 90 days, with peak results around 180 days 
  • Clinically proven formulas 
  • 100% drug-free dietary supplement 
  • 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free, Gelatin-Free 
  • Buying in larger quantities not only ensures you never run out but also helps you save in the long run
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3 Pack - 3 Month Supply Hair Growth Support Gummies

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Hair loss/shedding can occur when the normal hair growth cycle is disrupted. Various factors can contribute to hair loss like:
  • aging
    As a consequence of aging, it is natural to lose key components like nutrients that support strength for hair growth.
  • genetics
    It is common to inherit a genetic predisposition to hair loss or pattern baldness, hormones play a big factor in this specially (DHT) dihydrotestosterone a hormone that affects hair thinning by causing hair follicles to shrink.
  • stress & lifestyle
    Different stress causes can be triggering for hair loss, stress is a factor that can cause the hair to stop the growth phase and remain for long cycles in the rest stage, causing the body to receive mixed signals and stop growth accelerating hair shedding. Lifestyle on the other hand like alcohol consumption or poor sleep cycles can weaken hair follicles and their ability to produce hair.
  • metabolism & nutrition
    Changes in diet can be a factor that affects metabolism, nutrition is a determinant factor to provide the adequate nutrients to power hair follicles to grow.


how we target

We use L-cysteine that is a critical amino acid, which promotes the synthesis of new proteins that are lost as a factor of aging, plus Nanoxidil as our renowned ingredient to support hair regrowth.

We include DHT blockers in our products like Zinc that promotes hair tissue growth and repair, as well as Genistein and Caffeine that support hair follicles, promotes hair growth and blocks the DHT hormone.

Ashwagandha as a principal ingredient manages the cortisol levels in the body and controls follicle damage and hair loss, Superoxide Dismutase protects your hair follicles against cellular stress, free radicals, and environmental factors caused by regular stress and lifestyle.

We use Alfalfa Extract as an ingredient that is packed full of vitamins and can help the body generate new cells, which makes it excellent for people suffering from hair loss, as well as turmeric to support cellular metabolism.


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