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Why Niacinamide Is the Ingredient of the Moment for Skin & Hair

Why Niacinamide Is the Ingredient of the Moment for Skin & Hair

Meet Niacinamide, the ingredient that has everyone buzzing right now. But what is it and why is it beneficial for your skin and hair?

Niacinamide, also known as nicotinamide is a water-soluble form of vitamin B3 that has many benefits suited to any and all skin and hair types. Niacinamide has a vital role in growing long and strong hair due to its circulation-boosting properties. It enhances the appearance and feel of hair, by increasing body, suppleness, sheen.

When it comes to hair loss and hair growth, you can find Niacinamide in Revita & Revita.CBD shampoo and conditioner, as well as Spectral.CSF.

Niacinamide is a versatile vitamin that can be used to address a wide variety of issues, let's look at the benefits:


  1. Immunity. Niacinamide helps build keratin, a type of protein that keeps your skin firm and healthy.
  2. Fortifies Lipid barrier
  3. Minimizes redness and blotchiness
  4. Minimizes pore appearance
  5. Regulates oil
  6. Protects against sun damage
  7. Treats hyperpigmentation
  8. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

Experience The Benefits of Niacinamide Today

Niacinamide Boosts Keratin Production

According to studies, Niacinamide has been associated with causing an increase in protein synthesis, leading to higher levels of Keratin, which is the main structural component of your hair, nails and the outer layer of your skin.

In fact, your hair shaft is made almost entirely of Keratin, upwards of 90% or more. Deficiencies in the levels of keratin in the body can result in flat, lifeless hair that breaks off easily and is difficult to manage.

Fortifies Your Lipid Barrier

Another important characteristic of this vitamin is its ability to lock-in moisture on the skin or hair shaft when topically applied. This action protects your body and hair from dryness by increasing the production of ceramides, which are lipids in your skin that retain water. This has the effect of producing a more youthful and healthy appearance.

Additionally, locking in moisture can protect your skin and scalp from environmental damage, Niacinamide has been shown to play a protective role against skin cancer caused by environmental exposure.

Niacinamide Reduces Inflammation and Improves Circulation

Inflammation as at the root of many of the health issues and diseases that ail human beings. In the topic of hair loss, inflammation can be a primarily cause of hair loss or it can significantly exasperate an existing hair loss condition and make it much worse than it would have been had the inflammation been kept in check.


Niacinamide can alleviate inflammation while also nurturing the scalp and hair shaft, stimulating it and encouraging fuller and thicker hair, as well as an improved appearance.


When applied topically, it can significantly improve the look and feel of your hair. Required for every component of your body, niacinamide more commonly known as Vitamin B3 — supports healthier, more luscious hair.


As it improves blood circulation, Niacinamide also brings oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle – the main reason why it's vital for healthy hair growth. Poor blood circulation is a big factor in hair thinning and hair loss. By improving the blood circulation to the scalp, Niacinamide aids in faster and thicker hair growth.

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