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Why Aren't My Eyebrows Symmetrical?

Why Aren't My Eyebrows Symmetrical?

If you feel unbalanced when you look in the mirror, it is likely that your eyebrows are not symmetrical. This common problem can be difficult to identify initially, but once you recognize it, it's hard not to focus on it. Several factors can cause your eyebrows to be out of sync with one another, but usually, the solution is the same, no matter the cause. Here, we answer your question about why your eyebrows aren’t symmetrical and what you can do to make them mirror images of each other.

Causes of Asymmetrical Eyebrows

So many things can interfere with brow symmetry. For starters, some of us may just be born with brows that do not quite match up - and that’s perfectly normal. Yet, many of us who end up with asymmetrical brows arrive there because we have done something to interfere with their natural growth pattern, such as overplucking, over-trimming, or getting a little too spread-happy with the wax.

Of course, brows that aren’t symmetrical may also be due to a bigger problem, such as a thyroid condition that causes brows to thin (unevenly, we might add), or certain skin conditions or autoimmune conditions that affect hair growth. If you have an underlying health condition, it is important to address that before tackling your eyebrow symmetry woes. After all, you will likely still experience brow issues until you get treatment, no matter what steps you take to rectify the situation.

How to Correct Asymmetrical Eyebrows

You will want to take a few steps to help your eyebrows become symmetrical. And, before kicking off your action steps, you should know that you will need to employ patience and perseverance throughout this process, as getting things back in balance can take some time.

#1 Let Your Eyebrows Grow Out for at Least 4-6 Weeks

Fortunately, regrowing your eyebrows doesn’t take as long as the hair on your head. But, it can still take time, and if you are hyperaware of your asymmetrical eyebrows, this may be a painstakingly long wait. But, allowing your hair to re-grow is one of the best steps you can take toward getting your eyebrows back in line. You need to see what your natural shape is so you have more to work with when the time comes to re-shape them.

#2 Support Growth With a Brow Serum

While you are waiting for your brows to grow back naturally, why not encourage faster and thicker growth with a brow serum? Brow serums have become extremely popular and sought after because the right serum can deliver incredible results by shaving off regrowth time and taking away the need for additional products like eyebrow pencils. The right brow serum will help your brows grow faster, thicker, denser, fuller, and longer.

Spectral.BROW is one of the best brow serums available because it contains 5% Nanoxidil, which is a solution that helps hair regrow. Similar to minoxidil for hair loss on the scalp, Nanoxidil is more effective because it penetrates deeper into the skin and also helps combat causes of hair loss at the follicular level. Using the Spectral.BROW will help you achieve the brows you desire more quickly, and will help them stick around for much longer.

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#3 Make Sure Your Brows Are Equidistant From Your Nose

One of the first places you should look for symmetry once your brows have had a chance to regrow is between them. The space above the bridge of your nose should be equidistant to both brows. If it is not, tweeze any hairs that are making one brow appear closer than the other.

To measure this symmetry, it helps to use a pencil or other straight line to gauge where your brows start in relation to one another and your nose.

#4 Trim any uneven hair

It is completely normal to have some hairs that are longer and even curlier than others. While we love long brow hairs, too much length can affect your shape and can also cause brows to appear flat and heavy. Trim the hairs so there is consistency between all of the lengths.

#5 See a Brow Specialist

If you need to make additional changes beyond a few tweezes between your brows and some light trimming, it is best to see a specialist. Indeed, you may want to avoid all modification yourself and leave your brows in the hands of someone who is experienced in brow shaping–especially when you are trying to re-establish brow symmetry. Having a good foundation is key to being able to provide minimal maintenance down the road.

 #6 Don’t forget lifestyle adjustments

It may seem simple, but taking good care of your body also supports your eyebrow health. There is a lot of benefit to a good and nutritious diet, plenty of rest, and proactive stress management. If you find your eyebrow symmetry is off because of thinning in certain places, it may pay to change some of these basic habits to see if hair loss is behind your eyebrow woes.

Lastly, some of our habits aside from beauty habits may affect our eyebrow shape, including how you sleep on your pillow at night and any unusual habits like eyebrow pulling or teasing when you are stressed.

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