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What Are the Different Hair Texture Types, and Why You Should Know Yours

What Are the Different Hair Texture Types, and Why You Should Know Yours

Elegance, confidence and poise are the product of a beautiful woman who devotes her hair texture and takes care of it the right way. Sadly, many women fail to properly maintain their hair because they do not know their hair texture and the best way to maintain it to avoid breakage and damage.


Have you ever had a new hairdo? How did you feel? I guess, beautiful and confident. Do you feel the same way after a few days when the hair is not as beautiful as the first day due to lack of maintenance? Your guess is as good as mine.


You’d probably be wondering; how do I possibly know my hair texture and type? Sit tight as we dig in. Every woman has naturally straight, curly, and kinky or wavy hair. Your hair texture is natural and largely determined by your gene. Therefore, your hair texture is the diameter, width and thickness of your natural hair strand.

Types of Hair Textures

Fine Hair: This hair texture is thin, weak and breaks easily. It isn't easy to maintain a style with this hair texture due to its thinness and flatness.


Medium hair: This hair texture is neither thin nor thick. It abounds and is easier to style and maintain.


Thick hair: This hair texture is thick and strong, just as the name. It has the opposite characteristics of thin hair; it does not easily break, is full, easy to style but might resist various hair chemicals.

Hair Types

In addition to texture, there are several types of hair, and the basis to having a healthy is identifying your hair type and texture.

There are four major hair types which are: Straight(hair type 1), wavy(hair type 2), curly(hair type 3), kinky(hair type 4). These hair types are further divided into 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c.

STRAIGHT (Hair Type 1)

This hair type is as straight as an arrow, strong, and oily. This hair type is highly resistant to curls and so difficult to be styled because it allows the oil from the scalp to travel faster.


Type 1A


This hair type cannot easily be found. It is stick straight with no trace of curl or wave from the scalp to the tip and the most difficult to style because it cannot firmly grasp a curl.


Type 1B


This hair type is straight, thicker and fuller. It is not as rare as type 1A. It can slightly hold a curl and is easier to style.


Type 1C


This hair type is also straight but has traces of waves, unlike 1A and 1B. It's thinner, oilier and can hold curls.

WAVY (Type 2 Hair)

This hair type is neither straight nor curly. It has an S pattern and is thicker than type 1. It's fuller but always requires care to maintain waves. Revita shampoo and conditioners should be used to enhance and maintain the curl as a lot of product weighs it down.


Type 2A


This hair type is not so full and easy to style. It is the loose S-wave.


Type 2B


This hair type is short and has the s-wave from the middle. It is neither thick nor thin.


Type 2C


Unlike type 2b, this type has twisting curls that start from the roots to the tip. It's thicker than other types of wavy hair and resistant to styling.

CURLY (Type 3 Hair)

This hair type also has the S pattern but with deeper curls. It is one of the most familiar hairs among women. They are thick, full, curly and beautiful but easily damaged and dry if not properly maintained. Since this hair type is subject to weather, using products like spectral.CBD and Revita would maintain and keep it healthy.


Type 3A


This hair type is full, oily, thick and curly. Despite the oil that flows from the scalp to this hair, it easily gets dry.


Type 3B


This type of hair is fuller with compressed curls. It is beautiful, and even with a bouncy ringlet


Type 3C


Type 3C has the most shrinkage; however, it is fuller and has tight corkscrew curls.

KINKY (Type 4 Hair)

Kinky hair type is fine, coarse and coiled tightly. They are fragile, delicate and break more easily than the other hair types, hence, they require little to no direct heat. Using Radia purifying Conditioner is best to keep this hair type hydrated.


Type 4A


Type 4A has a thick appearance but breaks easily. It has a clear S shape, soft texture, opaque and tightly coiled.


Type 4B


This hair type is soft, fragile and breaks easily. It has a visible Z pattern and is tightly coiled.


Type 4C


Type 4C is has a slight Z pattern, so tightly coiled that the coil is almost invisible and shrinks more than the other types.

Every hair has its unique features, and knowing yours is a huge step towards having healthy hair. Understanding your hair type and its characteristics would help you know how best to treat and style it with the product that best suits it.

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