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What Are the Benefits of Microneedling?

What Are the Benefits of Microneedling?

Brief History of Microneedling/Dermarolling

“Microneedling is a process that includes the repetitive puncturing of the skin with sterilized microneedles.”


In the last decade, dermarollers have gained quite a bit of momentum as cosmetic tools within the beauty industry and microneedling has become quite the popular treatment among both skin and hair loss specialists. Estheticians, Dermatologists, and consumers alike swear by the power of this little tool to treat the skin and stimulate hair growth.


But what makes these devices so effective? Why are people seeing such an amazing result simply rolling needles across the skin? What do they do exactly? The answer is simple: these mighty tools use the body’s own regenerative qualities to promote:


  • A reduction in the appearance of scarring and hyperpigmentation


  • The production of collagen and elastin for a more youthful look.


  • Reparative follicular activity to encourage hair growth


  • Increased circulation to treated area, stimulating the body’s healing response.


… just to name a few!


Surely, this all sounds wonderful, but how much of an impact can a bit of metal and plastic really have on such complex concerns? To understand the benefits of microneedling, we must understand the significance of this treatment on the cellular level. There have been many studies since the introduction of cosmetic dermarolling that illustrate the positive effect this instrument has on the skin and in hair loss treatment regimens.

Uses of Microneedling

Microneedling is a process that includes the repetitive puncturing of the skin with sterilized microneedles. The trauma generated by the needles has been observed to induce dermal regeneration with minimal damage to the epidermis in a significantly painless manner.


The role of microneedling in hair loss treatment has demonstrated a largely positive and quite remarkable result in its stimulation of stem cells in the dermal papillae, which are located at the bottom of each hair follicle. These cells play a key role in hair formulation and growth.


As such, microneedling tools have been observed to be excellent additions to hair loss treatments that contain a topical treatment such as Minoxidil 5% or our own Nanoxidil 5% products. In a study on Androgenetic Alopecia performed by Durat, et. al., participants that had used a microneedling device had experienced results at an accelerated rate to those that used a topical treatment alone. In fact, the results were reported up to weeks sooner with the dermaroller than without.


Microneedling has also been shown to treat skin concerns such as acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and aging skin. New collagen and elastin are developed in the areas that have been treated as part of the body’s natural healing response. This creates a more even skin tone, a reduction in the appearance of scars and wrinkles as well as an overall more youthful appearance of the skin.

Why Try Microneedling?

You should consider trying a dermarolling tool on the scalp if:


  • You are looking to stimulate new hair growth in areas of the scalp that are thinning


  • You have been using a hair loss treatment regimen and you feel as though your results are improving slowly or are static.


  • You have just begun treatment and want to try and accelerate your results up to weeks earlier.


You should consider trying a dermarolling tool on the face/body if:


  • You have facial scarring due to acne


  • You experience hyperpigmentation and/or sun damage


  • You would like to smooth wrinkles and fine lines over time.


  • You wish to promote beard growth.

Using Your Dermaroller

Dermarollers come in varying sizes, by millimeter. Depending on what you are trying to treat, you must be mindful of the length you choose. For a size comparison and recommendation of the best roller for you, you can read more here: Which Stimuroller Size Is Right for You?


After you have purchased your dermaroller, it is important to take good care of it! Please be sure to disinfect your dermaroller regularly to avoid any transfer of bacteria to freshly treated skin. Our Dermatologists recommend soaking the metal needles of the dermaroller in at least 70% isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes before and after each use. It is also recommended to change the roller frequently, typically once per month, to ensure maximum sanitation.


Redness and a certain amount of inflammation is completely normal when using a dermaroller and should subside relatively quickly after each treatment. These tools are not advised for use by pregnant women, those with conditions that inhibit healing such as hemophilia and those that are on blood thinning medication.


Please be advised that in any cosmetic treatment, consistency is key. A consistent regimen is the best way to achieve your ideal results. Everyone is different, so while one person may experience results sooner than another, it is important to stick with your treatment for at least 90 days to begin seeing visible results. Be patient, remain consistent, and give your regimen a chance to work!


After 90 days, if you are not satisfied, we recommend adding or supplementing your routine with an additional or different product, possibly medication or an additional tool. It may take some time, but you may just be one product away from a great regimen, so do not give up after just one or two products! If you would like assistance creating a personalized regimen, you can send an email to contact@dslaboratories or book a consultation with one of our product advisors on our website.

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