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True or False with A Dermatologist on Hair Loss

True or False with A Dermatologist on Hair Loss

Who is Dr. Antonella Tosti?

Antonella Tosti is a physician and scientist with major contributions in the field of dermatology. She is the author of Dermoscopy of Hair and Scalp Disorders, the first hair and scalp dermoscopy (trichoscopy) atlas ever published.

Her major contributions do international medicine include research related to various aspects of hair diseases. A new hair disorder described by Antonella Tosti is often referred to as "Tosti alopecia". Her contributions to knowledge about nails include research about videodermoscopy of the hyponychium and the nail plate.

Antonella Tosti is author or co-author of several dermatological monographs and book chapters, including an e-medicine chapter about contact stomatitis. Professor Antonella Tosti is author of over 550 scientific publications. She is a member of the North American Hair Research Society and mentee of Wds mentorship award.

True or False? All Hair Loss Is Genetic?

Antonella: False, the most common type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia ( also known as baldness) The condition is name andro genetic because it is caused by androgens ( male hormones) and there is a genetic predisposition. The condition is controlled by multiples genes and not a single gens.

True or False? If a product works for someone I know, It will work for me!

Antonella:  Not necessarily , as there are different conditions that cause hair loss. For example if hair loss is due to androgenetic alopecia DHT inhibitors will help, but in case of alopecia areata, which is also a common hair disorders it will not. The opposite is true for the new JAK inhibitors treatment that induce hair regrowth in alopecia areata but not in androgenetic alopecia. Some molecules such as minoxidil and its derivatives might help all types of hair loss

True or False? Womens hair after 40 begins to thin. Will this happen to me?

Antonella: Thinning becomes more common with ageing, so risk increases overtime, particularly after menopause. Some studies show that 50% of women have a certain degree of thinning after the age of 50.

True or False? Taking a biotin supplement is enough to help with hair growth and help prevent hair loss.

Antonella: False, there is no evidence that biotin is helpful except than in case of biotin deficiency, which is rare and can be checked with a blood test.

True or False? A blood test will help me determine the reason for my hair loss.

Antonella: Not always, but it is important to exclude vitamin or microelement deficiencies and systemic diseases, particularly thyroid diseases in all patients with hair loss. Hormonal evaluation can be important in certain cases.

True or False? Genetic hair loss is determined by your mothers side.

Antonella: Let’s say that the risk of developing alopecia depends on number of predisposing genes in the single person . In general presence of the disease on the mother’s side is a bad prognostic factor.

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