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Three Ways to Make the Most of Thinning Hair

Three Ways to Make the Most of Thinning Hair

Hair loss is pretty much a guarantee for a lot of men. With over 50% of men suffering from androgenic alopecia by age 50, hair thinning, and hair loss are very common. Despite how prevalent it is, hair thinning is not easy to bear, and many men feel insecure about their hair thinning. Fortunately, there are several strategies one can take to increase hair growth. So, while you are waiting to see gains in your hair thickness, try these three ways to make the most of your thinning hair.

Get a Good Haircut

Really, the foundation to any good hair (no matter how little you have) is a good haircut. If you are struggling with hair loss, this isn't the time to cut your own hair–it's a time to get expert consultation. Before you visit a hairstylist, it pays to research what you want to look like so you can show them examples. Now, bear in mind if you want Jason Momoa's thick long locks, but you're struggling to keep your hairline, you may need to reset your expectations (for now). Talk through a good style with your hairstylist that will optimize the appearance of thickness while you are taking measures to regrow your hair (more on that later).

Use Good Products

Most of us don't really know what we are looking for when selecting hair products. And quite frankly, there are a lot of options out there. Some products may seem promising but may actually weigh your hair down, giving a flatter appearance. Others may make your hair look greasy when you are not necessarily looking for that effect. For product support, it also helps to ask your stylist. Indeed, the products that are best suited for you will largely depend on the look you want to achieve and the thickness and quality of your hair.

Put Some Effort Into Your Hair Care Routine

Putting time and effort into a hair care routine isn't just for women with long hair. It really is for everyone. And, if you are trying to get more thickness, you arguably should put even more focus on your routine.


One of the first ways you can make the most of thinning hair is by following a good hair washing regimen. Regular use of a shampoo and conditioner that promotes hair growth, reduces inflammation, and targets the real cause of male pattern hair loss is essential. Next, think about how often you wash your hair. Daily hair washing may be necessary if you use products daily or get sweaty at the gym or your job. However, if you have fine hair that doesn't get too oily, you may be able to go every other day between washes.


Next, you will want to think about your strategy for regrowing your hair. The problem with androgenic alopecia (or male pattern hair loss) is that it is progressive, meaning that it only worsens with time. Therefore, if you don't mind becoming bald, don't worry about using medication to reverse the hair loss. But, if you would like to keep your hair, you need to act as soon as you see signs of loss.


One of the most popular methods for restoring hair loss is through topical solutions like minoxidil and Nanoxidil. These medications work to prevent DHT sensitivity in the follicle. DHT is a derivative of testosterone that can "turn off" or shrink follicles in genetically susceptible individuals. These medications also increase circulation around the follicles.


Aside from topical solutions, some men also take an oral medication called finasteride. Used firstly as a treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), this medication also prevents the action of DHT in the scalp. Unfortunately, it also has some unwanted side effects like erectile problems, which can be a turn-off for men.


Your stylist is the perfect person to ask for advice for haircut recommendations and styling products. However, if you need help finding the right solution to combat male pattern hair loss, A DS Laboratories Product Advisor is the person you want to connect with about your hair thinning. Set up a time to chat to develop a personalized regime for you and your hair needs.

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