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These Ten Juices Can ACTUALLY Help With Hair Growth

These Ten Juices Can ACTUALLY Help With Hair Growth

Many people take Juice to quench thirst and due to its health benefit, but very few know that some juice can actually help with their hair growth. Is that shock I see on your face? Nah! Don’t be.


The products you apply to your hair are not the essential things they need to grow, this is because, just like our body requires that we eat some healthy foods to stay healthy, our hair also requires that we take some juice to keep it healthy and growing.


Now, the question is, which Juice can actually help with hair growth? This is the time to sit because we are going on a long ride of unveiling ten juices that can help with hair growth? Let's start with listing the juices, and then we will go over their hair benefits:


  1. Spinach juice
  2. Kiwi juice
  3. Guava juice
  4. Aloe vera juice
  5. Carrot juice
  6. Cucumber juice
  7. Strawberry juice
  8. Garlic juice
  9. Coriander juice
  10. Onion juice


These are the normal juice that you probably drink on a daily basis and probably didn’t know that it has some hair benefits, right? Yeah! Keep going because it's getting more interesting.

Spinach Juice

Spinach provides adequate vitamins, iron and minerals. The health benefit extends from the skin to the hair. It is beneficial to the hair as it helps resolve the problem of thin hair and an itchy scalp. To achieve a better result with an itchy scalp and thin hair, in addition to drinking it, it is advised that you apply spinach juice on your hair twice every week as this will not only grow your hair, it would also make it shiny as it is rich in vitamin B.


Kiwi Juice

Kiwi juice encourages hair growth and minimizes hair fall. It is highly enriched in vitamin E, which is a strong immune booster. This Juice is highly acidic; therefore, it should be diluted appropriately before applying it to the hair. Unlike the Spinach juice, this Juice should be applied to hair occasionally to achieve a better result as a constant application of it could cause hair fall due to its high acidity.


Guava Juice

This Juice has many hair benefits that have most likely been unexploited. Guava juice contains antioxidants and vitamins like folic acid, calcium and iron, which prevent hair damage and encourage hair growth. It can also treat and prevent dandruff when applied to the hair scalp due to the presence of antimicrobial and analgesic properties in Guava. The presence of lycopene in guava keeps your hair safe from the harmful rays of the sun.


Aloe Vera Juice

This juice is rich in vitamins A, C, and E, responsible for ensuring hair growth. Other benefits of Aloe vera juice are; strengthening hair and preventing it from breakage, softening the hair, promoting hair growth, repairing hair strands, and preventing dandruff and itchy scalp. In addition to drinking aloe vera juice, it should also be applied to the hair to achieve a shiny hair.


Carrot Juice 

The benefits of carrot juice to the body is general knowledge; however, very few people are aware of its hair benefit. The presence of beta-carotene in carrots is not only beneficial to the skin, but it is also highly beneficial to the hair as it makes the hair lustrous. It strengthens the hair strand, stops hair breakage.


Cucumber Juice

If you have been experiencing hair loss, you should drink a glass of cucumber juice every day. Cucumber contains vitamins A and C that repair damaged hair as well as strengthen the hair.


Strawberry Juice 

Vitamin C is a good agent for revitalizing hair growth which strawberry is enriched with. Applying the Juice on your hair scalp is a good cure for alopecia areata due to the presence of silica in it.


Garlic Juice

This Juice may not be your go-to Juice for hair treatment due to its unpleasant smell, but it has proven to be effective in reinstating the quality of the hair. It has some selenium content that nourishes the hair, cleanses hair follicles, and prevents clogging.


Coriander Juice

This Juice contains natural components that boost hair growth. If you are not a fan of drinking coriander juice, Collect the leave, crush and apply on your scalp, then wash with shampoo once every week. In addition to boosting hair growth, extending the hair length, it also gives your hair a bouncy look.


Onion juice

This Juice also does not have a very pleasant smell. Despite the strong smell, it is good for enhancing and achieving fast hair growth. It has essential properties that introduce sulfur to the hair, keeps the hair thick and strong, promotes hair growth, prevent gray hair, and nourish  

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