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Get 15% Off Your First Order With Code "DS15"
The Must Knows of Hair Loss

The Must Knows of Hair Loss

Whether you’re trying to solve a hair-loss problem, prevent hair loss, or just trying to stay up on the best hair care practices, here at DS Laboratories we believe knowledge is everything. We take the time to recognize that hair isn’t just hair, for many of us, it’s our identity. That’s why we feel it’s important to be knowledgeable about the products you’re buying while bringing awareness to terms you may often see but have no idea what they mean.


Our science-backed processes create high-quality products for all your hair needs. we are on a mission to radically change the personal care landscape by developing biotech-powered products that make a meaningful difference in your life. Whether it’s regrowing hair or reviving your skin, we have a solution for you. But first, let’s get educated.


Aside from unique results-driven formulas, our products are created with our Advanced Nanosome Delivery System technology, providing increased efficacy, and allowing key active ingredients to penetrate better. This is what sets DS Laboratories apart from all others in the industry. So, let’s break it down so you can grow your knowledge.


Short for dihydrotestosterone, DHT is a sex hormone derived from testosterone that contributes to the development of physical characteristics such as body hair. When there is too much DHT build up, it can cause shrinkage in your hair follicles as well as negatively contributing to hair thinning and shedding.



A molecular delivery capsule which transports vital nutrient-rich ingredients to localized and specified cell areas for maximum absorption and increased efficacy.


Anagen Phase

The active or growth phase of hair follicles.


Catagen Phase

The phase in between growth and dormancy of hair follicles.


Telogen Phase

The dormant or resting phase of hair follicles.


Exogen Phase

The shedding phase of hair follicles.



The healthy state of hair follicles that are strong, active, and highly developed.



Small group of cells that make up the opening on the surface of the skin through which hair grows



The outer covering/layer of the hair that is formed from dead cells that strengthen and protect the hair


Follicular Dysfunction

A hair-follicle disorder that impacts follicles from growing and functioning properly due to infections, genetic disorders, or growth abnormalities.


Perifollicular Fibrosis

Inflammation of the upper portion of the hair follicles which causes hairs to shrink and shed.


Vascular Endothelial

Cells that serve as a protective barrier in blood-vessel walls, thus stimulating hair growth by facilitating the supply of nutrients to the hair follicle.


Protein-Kinase-C (PKC) Isozymes

Key enzymes that are known to be negative regulators of hair follicle growth and suggested to play a part in the conversion of follicular growth-inhibitory signals, which negatively impact hair growth.



Antifungal medicine used to treat infections, commonly used in hair-loss treatments as a DHT inhibitor or blocker.



A food or substance that contains health-giving additives with medicinal benefits.


Oxidative Damage

A consequence of exposure to radiation or toxic chemical agents that break down cell tissue and cause inflammation at the root of hair follicles.



A vitamin that helps convert nutrients to energy and aids in the strengthening of hair.



A protein the body produces naturally that is essential for healthy skin, bones, and bodily healing.



A protein the body produces naturally that helps keep hair and skin healthy and strong.



Powerful alternative to minoxidil created by DS Laboratories and used to stop, prevent, and reverse hair loss.


We don’t expect you to know everything right away but getting familiar with many of these terms can help you better understand many of the terms that are constantly brought up when referencing hair care and skin care products. Knowledge is attractive, and you’ll look twice as good pairing your DS Laboratories products with a fresh new vocabulary and scientific understanding of the transformation unfolding before your eyes.


As always, we’re here for you every step of the way.


Let’s get you there.

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