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Should Hyaluronic Acid Be Refrigerated?

Should Hyaluronic Acid Be Refrigerated?

Knowing how to use your skincare products is key to getting the most out of them. But what you may not have considered is the importance of how you store your products. Like most things we ingest or apply to our bodies, there is a shelf life or expiration date - and that certainly applied to our skincare products as well. But, if trekking to your fridge to complete your skincare regimen is not quite up your alley, don’t stress: most products do not require this extra step. And, the good news for those who are completely sold on hyaluronic acid like us, there is no need to refrigerate this product. However, we can’t deny that chilling hyaluronic acid so it is cool upon application feels like an absolute luxury.

Why You May Want to Refrigerate Hyaluronic Acid

Unlike other skincare products like vitamin C serums and some retinoids, you do not need to refrigerate hyaluronic acid to extend its shelf life. However, it does feel absolutely divine when kept at a cooler temperature. And, perhaps going beyond how it feels, cooled hyaluronic acid also brings more blood flow to your skin’s surface, which can encourage more moisture retention and tissue repair. So, you may see an added benefit in how your skin looks along with how it feels.


But, aside from those points, you can safely keep your hyaluronic acid on your vanity counter or stored in your bathroom cabinet.

Why Hyaluronic Acid Is an Essential Component of Your Skincare Regimen

Now that you know you won't have to go out of your way to access your hyaluronic acid unless you want to level up your self-care experience, you should learn why hyaluronic acid is essential for healthy, vibrant skin.


Our bodies naturally produce hyaluronic acid. Its primary role is to keep moisture locked in our tissues instead of evaporating or otherwise leaving our bodies. With almost half of it stored in our skin, it is essential for maintaining our skin’s health and structure.


As we get older, we lose the amount of hyaluronic acid we have in our bodies. Therefore, it becomes harder to keep water in our tissues. And, because water makes up the majority of our body composition, it is pretty important to keep as much inside our skin as possible. One of the most common results of less hyaluronic acid is looser skin accompanied by wrinkles and lines.


By adding hyaluronic acid to your face at least once daily, you can increase the amount of water your skin holds, creating a plumper appearance and reducing the visibility of wrinkling.


Aside from its antiaging benefits, hyaluronic acid also helps keep our skin cells healthier, making our skin texture more appealing and our complexion more vibrant.

How to Use Hyaluronic Acid

You may find hyaluronic acid in various skincare products, including moisturizers and cleansers. However, the most effective form of hyaluronic acid comes in a serum. The majority of skincare experts agree that serums provide the most bang for your buck (if you will) because they contain the most potent level of active ingredients compared to other product types. Indeed, the skin is also much more receptive to serums than other products, as they are easier to absorb. Furthermore, most serums are intended to penetrate deeper into your skin compared to cleansers, toners, and many moisturizers.


To get the most out of your hyaluronic acid serum, ensure your skin is clean before applying it and use it on damp skin. Next, apply a few drops of serum to the tips of your fingers and massage onto your face and neck. Massaging with your fingertips helps stimulate blood flow and encourages your skin to absorb the product. You can follow hyaluronic acid with another serum, like niacinamide, or complete your skincare regimen with a moisturizer. No matter how many products you use, be sure to give each product a few minutes to soak in before adding the next one.


For the highest quality hyaluronic acid with proven efficacy to improve the firmness of your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines, try the Advanced Hyaluronic Booster from DS Laboratories.

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