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Looking For More Hair Growth? Say Hello To The StimuROLLER.

Looking For More Hair Growth? Say Hello To The StimuROLLER.

Using topical hair growth solutions is the most common and well-known practice for getting hair back on your head. But, did you know there is an equal benefit to using microneedling to stimulate hair growth as well? In the past, microneedling was a service offered in clinics outside the home. But, with tools like the StimuROLLER®, you can tap into the benefits of mechanical hair growth stimulation without leaving your house. In fact, to maximize hair growth you will want to use both a StimuROLLER and a topical solution that includes minoxidil or Nanoxidil. Here’s why.

How does a StimuROLLER® work?

The StimuROLLER® is a tool that contains numerous tiny needles on a wheel that improve skin and hair health. Likely, you have run across a dermaroller, which is used primarily on the face to improve its appearance and feel. The StimuROLLER® is similar, but it is designed to be used on the scalp.


Dermarollers work by creating micro-traumas in the skin that draw blood flow to the surface. Essentially, the tiny needles poke minute holes in the skin, which activates the immune system to send healing cells to this area. Extra blood flow brings cells that not only repair the skin but also boost collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are responsible for making the skin firm and tight. Therefore, dermarolling is often used to combat signs of aging. Additionally, it can also minimize dark spots for a more even skin tone.


When used on the scalp, the same principle is in place. The microtrauma to the skin on your head draws blood flow to the area, which not only heals the skin but also brings extra nourishment and support to hair follicles. Often, blood and nutrients get pulled away from the skin’s surface to prioritize other body systems that may be in need of repair, so this tool can draw more attention to this area.

Why use it with topical hair growth products?

Aside from encouraging blood flow, the StimuROLLER also helps topical hair growth products penetrate deeper inside the skin by as much as 20%. The micro-channels created by this device allow products that contain minoxidil or Nanoxidil a greater ability to combat forces that prevent healthy hair growth, such as DHT sensitivity. Growth factors including fibroblasts are also encouraged when this device is used on the scalp.


Minoxidil is an FDA-approved topical solution for hair re-growth. It can be an effective solution for hair loss in men and women suffering from androgenic alopecia. Nanoxidil, an alternative to minoxidil, is also used to combat hair loss and is highly effective at reaching deeper into the skin than minoxidil, as it uses nanosome technology to cross micro barriers protecting the skin. When Nanoxidil is used along with the StimuROLLER, people experience a significant increase in the amount of hair they can re-grow.


Are there side effects to the StimuROLLER?

Perhaps one of the biggest questions that arise when people consider microneedling is if it will hurt. The StimuROLLER uses very small needle sizes to create microchannels. Therefore, there is very little discomfort associated with its actual use. Some people note that their scalp can feel slightly tender after using it in the beginning, as it increases blood flow to the skin, which can lead to a slight feeling of pressure.


Choosing your needle size is important when you are first starting to use this device. Most people benefit from starting with a smaller needle size, such as 0.3 mm or 0.5 mm, and then can increase up to 1.0 mm, if it is well tolerated.


While infection is rare, it is important to clean your device following each use. You should rinse it under hot water after each use, followed by spraying isopropyl alcohol on the needles. Alternatively, you can also soak it in an alcohol solution. Be sure to allow it to dry completely before using it again.

How to use the StimuROLLER

Directions for use are quite simple. If you are using smaller needle sizes such as 0.33 mm or 0.5 mm, you can start by using it up to twice a week. People who use the 1.0 mm needle size benefit from spacing out uses, as it can take a little more time for the skin to heal.


When using the StimuROLLER, you want to make sure your scalp is freshly cleansed, such as after shampooing. When your scalp is completely dry, run the StimuROLLER across areas where you want to see more hair growth. Use it in different directions: horizontal, vertical, and diagonally. You want to have firm pressure, but not too firm where it feels painful and uncomfortable. Ensure you do not roll over the same area multiple times, as too much use can cause too much trauma.

After you use the StimuROLLER, be sure to follow up with your preferred DS Laboratories Hair Growth solution, such as the SPECTRAL.DNC-N or the SPECTRAL.UHP products. And, if ever you have any questions about how to maximize the results of any product you are using, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Product Advisor for support.


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