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Is Dermarolling Good For Your Hairline?

Is Dermarolling Good For Your Hairline?

Microneedling is creating quite a bit of buzz in the skincare world. And for a good reason. This technique has proven itself many times over for being effective at rejuvenating the skin. Surprisingly, dermarolling is equally useful for encouraging hair growth in places where hair is thinning, including the most challenging spots. And fortunately, you do not have to see a professional regularly to access this treatment. Instead, you can do it at home with a dermaroller. Like many men and women, if you struggle with growth problems around the hairline, you will be glad to hear that dermarolling is good for your hairline. Here’s how it works.

What Is a Dermaroller?

A dermaroller is a handheld device that has tiny microneedles surrounding a wheel. The device itself looks like a shaving razor with a wheel attached to the end instead of a blade. Needle lengths vary based on where you will be using the device. Smaller needles are generally used on the face, whereas slightly bigger needles are intended for the scalp.

It is normal for most of us to cringe when we think about needles. Indeed, most of us are pretty opposed to anything that involves needles. However, a dermaroller is painless because the needles are so minute. And, despite their small size, they are highly effective at doing what they are designed to do.

How Does Dermarolling Work?

Dermarolling, or microneedling, works to rejuvenate the skin and encourage hair growth by increasing circulation to the area where it is used. The tiny needles create microtraumas in the skin that force blood flow to the skin’s surface. Along with a fresh rush of nutrients and oxygen, the blood also brings with it properties from the immune system that helps rebuild your tissue and ward off any infection.

One reason why dermarolling is so popular in skincare is that it also stimulates collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are responsible for giving our skin its firmness, so many people use the dermaroller to help diminish signs of aging. In addition, because of its ability to rejuvenate the tissues on your skin’s surface, dermarolling can also decrease hyperpigmentation and other signs of wear and tear on the skin. Furthermore, many people use it to treat scars from acne and other conditions.

Dermarolling is equally effective at encouraging hair growth. When used on areas where the hair is thinning, blood flow increases around the hair follicles, providing nourishment that supports healthy hair growth. And, with the rush of cells from the immune system, a dermaroller can also help get rid of problems that hinder hair growth, like fungal infections.

Using a dermaroller on the hairline is essential because it not only encourages blood flow but, perhaps more importantly, it helps hair loss products penetrate deeper into the skin. Often, hair loss products cannot get deep enough into the skin to be effective. A dermaroller is a crucial tool you will want to use along with your hair re-growth products because it creates micro-channels in the skin. These micro-channels allow products to get to your hair follicles, so they can actually do their job. This action increases the absorption and penetration of treatments by as much as 20 times.

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How to Dermaroll Your Hairline

Anyone with hair loss on the hairline knows this is a challenging area to encourage hair regrowth. And unfortunately, it is usually the most obvious place to us, and everyone else for that matter. For that reason, dermarolling is especially important because it is one of the most effective ways of getting your products to seep into your skin.

Using a dermaroller is easy and painless. You will first want to choose the right size of needles for your treatment area. For the hairline, it helps to start with a smaller needle size and then increase as needed. You can start with either 0.3mm or 0.5mm. A dermaroller with 0.3mm needles is usually ideal for the face and other sensitive areas, so you may want to start there if you have sensitive skin. However, most people who use dermarolling for hair loss start with 0.5mm needles.

Once you choose a dermaroller, you will want to start using it when you use your hair growth products. Before applying any product, you will want to roll the dermaroller slowly over the area you are treating. First, move it horizontally, then vertically, and finally diagonally. How firmly you need to apply pressure is based on pain, so know that you are pushing too hard if it feels painful. Your goal is to feel a slight prickling sensation as it moves over your skin. After you pass over an area, you should continue to feel a prickling sensation as blood flow increases below the skin.

If you do have hair in the area you are dermarolling, be sure that you don’t get your hair wrapped around the wheel, as it could pull it out.

Finally, it is important to wash and sanitize your dermaroller after each use. Regular cleaning reduces your risk for infection and also rinses the device of any oils and skin cells that may build up.

Use With Hair Growth Serum

Choosing the StimuROLLER From DS Laboratories

The StimuROLLER device has 540 titanium needles that glide painlessly over the skin and scalp. It comes in three sizes: 0.3mm, 0.5mm, and 1.0mm. The 0.3mm is the perfect device to start with on your face, and potentially your hairline if you have sensitive skin. However, if you do not have sensitive skin, you may find the 0.5mm device to be more effective to use on balding areas on your scalp.

The StimuROLLER is best when used in conjunction with a hair re-growth serum like the SPECTRAL.DNC-N and SPECTRAL.CSF products that contain Nanoxifil 5%. To maximize growth along your hairline, chat with an advisor at DS Laboratories to establish a regimen that will help you achieve your hair goals.

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