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How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows Depending On Your Face Shape

How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows Depending On Your Face Shape

Just like hair, eyebrows go through styles or “trends” as well. Yet, while you may be able to pull off a popular haircut that doesn’t always suit your physique or face, eyebrow trends are a little harder to follow. When it comes to your eyebrows, certain shapes are more ideal than others. Indeed, the shape we are born with is usually what happens to look best on our face.


Aside from embracing your natural shape, there are trends in eyebrow thickness as well. Gone are the days where the thin eyebrow line was trending. Now, and hopefully here to stay, are naturally full brows. Let’s learn about what type of eyebrow is perfect for your face shape and how you can get naturally thick and full brows. (Hint: It is easier than you may think!)

Face Shape: Round

Celebrity Inspiration: Gabrielle Union

If you have a round face, the widest part of your face will be your cheeks. Most of your facial features will have a softening around the angles, including your chin. Because of this softness, full brows with a more pointed arch in the middle of the brow often look fantastic.

Keep in mind: the farther the arch is from the inner part of your eyebrow, the wider your face will appear. Also, full, fluffy brows can overpower a small, round face, so you may want to curb the brow thickness if it seems to dominate.  

Face Shape: Oval

Celebrity Inspiration: Eva Mendes

Like round faces, the widest part of an oval face is the cheekbones. However, oval faces tend to be longer between the cheekbones and the chin. People with oval faces can wear almost any brow shape. And for that matter, they often look good in any haircut too. If you have an oval face, start by finding your natural brow shape. You can seldom go wrong with a full brow and a soft arch.

Face Shape: Heart-Shaped

Celebrity Inspiration: Kourtney Kardashian

A heart-shaped face is generally wider in the forehead and brow area and tapers to a more prominent, pointed chin. Because the brow area is the widest part of the face, people with this face shape look incredible with a full, thicker eyebrow. Play with your natural shape first to see if there is a subtle arch or if it is straight. Generally, whatever your natural shape is will look best with some thickening, if needed.

Face Shape: Square

Celebrity Inspiration: Olivia Wild

Like a square, this face shape generally has the same measures on all sides. What that means is you can really play with an arch. High curved arches often look incredible on a square face because they can soften some of the stronger angles. You will want to be sure you don’t bring the tail or end of the brow down too close to the eyes, as it can draw your eyes downward.

Face Shape: Oblong

Celebrity Inspiration: Liv Tyler

Because the length of the face is the biggest measurement, you can play with a straighter brow. Unlike other face shapes that are broader in the forehead or cheekbones, you can use brow shapes to widen this area. Often, a straight brow with softened edges looks remarkable, but you can also wear a fluffy brow. Generally, you will want to avoid arches, as they will further elongate your face.

Face Shape: Diamond

Celebrity Inspiration: Halle Berry

Diamond-shaped faces are narrower in the chin and at the top of the forehead. Often, the cheekbones are higher. Using a curved brow with an arch, or an ‘S’ shape, can widen the forehead area. S-shapes can be hard to create if they are not natural. So, it can help to work with a brow technician to make this distinct brow.

Determining Your Natural Eyebrow Shape

When it comes to finding the perfect brow shape for your face, the first thing you should do is determine your eyebrows’ natural shape. Your natural brow often works best for your face, but sometimes it needs just a little enhancing, tweaking, and clean up.


One of the hardest challenges with eyebrow shaping is maintaining symmetry. Thus, working with a brow technician can help you not only determine your natural shape, but keep things symmetrical if you need to make changes. However, you can also do this at home.


A good rule of thumb to remember is this: your brow shape should be opposite your face shape. That is, if your face shape is oblong, opt for straighter brows as opposed to high arches to soften the length of your face.


To maintain your eyebrows at home, make sure you have a spool brush to comb out and fluff your brows. You will also want high-quality tweezers and a mirror that can magnify the area. If you are continually battling length, you may also need brow scissors to help trim unruly hairs.

How to Get Fuller Eyebrows

Pencil-thin eyebrows were a (regrettable) trend in the ‘90s, and it is safe to say this trend will not return (hopefully). Indeed, men and women have been filling their brows for centuries, so thick brows are always in. Not to mention, the ideal brow for you can also enhance your eyes. Yet, not everyone has full brows, and many people experience thinning for several reasons, including:


  • Aging
  • Hormone changes
  • Medications
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Autoimmune conditions


No matter what is causing your thinning brows, there are solutions. People commonly use eyebrow pencils, gels, and dyes to fill in their brows. Giving your eyebrows a darker color can certainly make them look bolder. However, not everyone can pull off a darker color, and it does not usually make them look thicker. Furthermore, dyes often think out your eyebrows with harsh chemicals.


If you are struggling with thinning brows, look into using a brow serum that stimulates growth. Nothing can replace the look of your real brows, so using a serum to spur growth and density in your natural brows can help you achieve full, healthy eyebrows. SPECTRAL.BROW from DS Laboratories not only enhances the density of your brows by stimulating new growth but also repairs your existing eyebrow hairs, making them stronger and healthier.  

Transform Your Brows and Lashes, Sculpt Your Face

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