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How to get Pete Davidson Hair Style

How to get Pete Davidson Hair Style

Pete Davidson is all over the news these days, most notably for his serial dating career of some of the biggest names in the media. But preceding his fame with young Hollywood, Davidson made his start with Saturday Night Live and has many accolades for his comedic skills. When we see him splashed across magazines and social media today, he looks somewhat different than when he was in his stint at SNL. Naturally dark-haired, Davidson currently sports a messy bleached mop that matches his relaxed, easy-going attitude. Here is how to get Pete Davidson’s hairstyle.

Start With a Good Cut

Davidson most commonly wears his hair quite short. He vacillates between a buzzcut and a short, messy bedhead look. Quite frankly, it doesn’t take too much effort to get a decent buzzcut, and it certainly is not much to maintain beyond regular trimming. But having the bedhead look takes a little more effort.


For starters, you need a good stylist to give you texture and layers that you can work through with some product. Unless you want your hair to look flat and disheveled (in the wrong way), you will need a lightweight but strong product to give your hair that messy look. You will also need to stay on top of regular trimming, as when it gets too long, it can weigh down your hair and cause it to lose style.


If you want to go with his bold, stand-out look of bleach-blonde locks with darker facial stubble, you will need to get some color done. Bleaching your own hair is not something you want to do, as it can go pretty wrong. Instead, you will want to see a stylist experienced in color. Your stylist will paint the color all over your head to give a uniform bleached look.


Of course, if you want to opt out of the bleached look, you can just stick with the cut and avoid the damage that bleaching can cause. And on that note, you will save yourself quite a bit of time and money because you will need to have your hair bleached regularly if you want to stay on top of your roots. (Regular bleaching, every 4-6 weeks, is especially needed if you have naturally darker hair, as Davidson does.)

More About Bleaching

We mentioned that bleaching could damage your hair. The reason this can happen is in how the process works. Typically, hydrogen peroxide and an alkaline solution are used to strip the hair of its color. When combined, this compound opens up the hair shaft so that the peroxide can strip the melanin from the hair. Thus, the hair is left colorless save for a yellowish tint, which is the actual color of the keratin in your hair.


Because bleach lifts the outer protective layer of the hair shaft, the inside of the hair is left unprotected. Therefore, it is prone to more drying, breakage, and split ends. Once you decide to bleach your hair, know that it is permanent and can take a long time for your hair to recover.

What if You Don’t Have Enough Hair To Get Pete Davidson’s Hairstyle?

Many men struggle to have their ideal hairstyle because they do not have enough hair to do it. Indeed, male pattern baldness affects around 50% of all men over age 50, and it certainly can show up in young men as well (think even late teens to early twenties).


If you have hair thinning or hair loss, you probably don’t want to do anything harsh like bleaching your hair like Pete Davidson until you start to take steps to re-grow your hair. However, you can start to play with your hairstyle by consulting with your stylist about how to achieve the look you want.


The most important thing you should focus on is the steps to get your hair back. Regrowing hair is not that simple. Otherwise, most men would successfully do it. But there are essentially two options before you undergo a hair transplant treatment like FUE. First, you can take an oral medication called finasteride, which can support hair regrowth in men. Finasteride has to be taken for the rest of your life unless you don’t mind losing your hair once you stop.


Secondly, you can use a hair regrowth solution like minoxidil or Nanoxidil. Topical solutions are a great first step to managing hair regrowth because it usually spurs growth pretty quickly, and there are fewer side effects than finasteride. Most men start with topical solutions because they are effective, have few side effects, and (with the right product) do not leave your head feeling greasy.


Need help finding the right products to get Pete Davidson’s look? Meet with a DS Laboratories Product Advisor or shop our line to find out what strategy will be the fastest and most successful for you.

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