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How To Get Margot Robbie’s Hairstyle

By: Alejandro Buttari |
How To Get Margot Robbie’s Hairstyle

Let’s admit it - Hollywood is synonymous with iconic blondes. Throughout Hollywood’s glamorous history, we’ve witnessed some jaw-dropping looks from the likes of Marilyn Monroe to Emma Stone and Margot Robbie.

And Robbie, the four-time Golden Globe winner, sure knows how to rock the red carpet.

One of the most spectacular things about her look is her gorgeous, striking blonde hair.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can emulate her to-die-for hairstyle and look just as fabulous.


Margot Robbie’s Iconic Hair

Margot Robbie’s hair is a striking golden blonde in color with rich highlights and stunning blowouts. It complements her strong brows, luscious hair, and green cat eyes perfectly.

Her hair, though voluminous, is also super sleek. If her hair isn’t the ultimate #hairgoals for some of us, we don’t know what is!

But do you know the one thing you can do to achieve the same effect?

Keep everything else simple.

Opt for a naked face, or as influencers like to call it, go for a “no makeup makeup look” with neutral eyes, blushes, and simple peach-colored lips. This lets the hairdo do all the talking for you.

As for how Margot Robbie colors her hair, it may look ashy or platinum, but it actually has a golden base. That’s how it captures the warmth in her skin tone and brings out her green eyes.

Despite Margot’s several hair transformations, she rocks all of them with style. So let’s talk about some of her most iconic looks for some hair inspo!

The Medium Straight Layered Champagne Blond Bob

This lovely light blonde haircut is smoothly blow-dried, complementing her face and jawline. It's got layers and gorgeous blonde highlights for a glamorous look.  This is ideal for those who want a hairstyle that is simple to maintain and wear with minimal products.

The “Bronde” Balayage

The balayage style is all the rage among celebrities lately. So when Margot entered the fall season with a noticeably darker "bronde" balayage, it rendered her previous peroxide blonde a distant memory.

Margot’s particular hair color is known as bronde:  a mix of brunette and blonde. It was achieved through the use of the popular natural balayage technique.

To achieve this look and keep this color effect, you'll need to touch up and dye your hair every six weeks or so. We won’t lie, it’s a bit of a high-maintenance hairstyle!

The Two-Toned Brown and Blonde Beachy Waves

Sometimes, less is more and this hairstyle which is straightforward but effective is an excellent example.

The blonde highlights elevate this understated look. The tints and contrast between brown and blonde set it apart from done and dusted styles while the subtle, big waves give it ample glamor and life.

It's an easy look to pull off that will turn heads as you walk down the street. If you want to incorporate highlights into this look, you can go ahead and do that too. To keep them looking vibrant and fresh, you'll have to maintain them in the salon every 6 weeks.

Margot also uses hairspray to keep the waves intact and secure any flyaways. Good hair styling products could be your friend too.

As is evident, the star enjoys wearing her hair worn down, either shoulder length or just above. Her tresses are wavy, loose, and have a beachy yet elegant vibe. So, how can you get her look? Let’s get into it.

Five Steps to Get Margot’s Red Carpet Hair

Here are a few simple tips you can use to go ahead and get her coveted yet stunning hairstyle.

The Color

Always think blonde, brown, and somewhere in between. Her signature look marries light and dark blonde tones, and a golden colored base for all of the hair. This means no ash, no platinum, but pure, iconic blonde. Think Marilyn Monroe.


Dyeing your hair blonde might require a bit of bleaching, especially if you have naturally darker hair. A good hairstylist can help you get the blonde look of your dreams though, no matter how dark your hair is. Just be prepared to really care for your hair after bleaching and dyeing.

The Highlights

Her highlights are so natural because they are interwoven with her tresses. It's important to have a good stylist who can do some magic to your hair to achieve that effect. Don’t forget to use good products to get the highlights looking just like Robbie’s.

The Cut

Robbie’s most iconic looks have her sporting medium to long hair. She often opts for a longer, layered bob, or blunt shoulder-length cuts with longer, looser curls thrown in. Though she has gone short in the past, her signature look is her medium-length layered bob.

Get a fresh shoulder-length cut to achieve her look!

The Styling

She’s always gone natural when it comes to styling: never poker straight, or tight coils. That should be your go-to too.

Big, natural waves, slightly crimped waves, or long natural looking straight hair is what you should go for. This step is relatively easy to master at home. Dig up some YouTube videos or find your favorite TikTok hair stylist to get started.

The Part

To achieve the perfect Margot Robbie part, think clean, side-swept bangs. She sometimes mixes it up with a classic middle part too, but we think that her statement look is her side part with long, neat, and slightly crimped yet wavy bangs.

So that’s it! Follow these tips to get Margot Robbie’s hairstyle and turn heads wherever you go.

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