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Is Hair Loss from Nicotine Reversible?

Is Hair Loss from Nicotine Reversible?

Nicotine is a yellowish liquid that’s colorless and oily. It’s found in tiny concentrations in the nightshade plant family (including eggplants and tomatoes). However, it’s found in massive amounts in tobacco. Nicotine is one of the most prevalent active components of tobacco and is commonly found in cigarettes. In small doses, nicotine acts as a stimulant. But in large amounts, it can block the functions of cells in the skeletal muscles and autonomic nervous system. Nicotine is considered harmful to the body.

Most people know about some of the most common side effects nicotine has. These include high blood pressure, nausea or upset stomach, constipation, dizziness, water eyes, headache and sore throat. However, what many don’t know is that nicotine has also been linked to hair loss. If you’re concerned about losing your hair, or if you’ve already noticed some patchiness or a receding hairline, it may be time to drop your nicotine habit for good.

What Is Nicotine Hair Loss?

Overexposure to nicotine in any of its forms has been shown to contribute to hair loss. It does this by in a variety of ways. Here are the top ways nicotine contributes to baldness:

  • Inhibiting Blood Flow. Prolonged use of nicotine actually shrinks the blood vessels, which can make it difficult for blood flow to reach your hair follicles. As a result, the follicles eventually become damaged and stop producing hair.

  • Damaging Hair Follicles. In addition to negatively affecting blood flow, nicotine also damages hair follicles by increasing androgen secretion, which leads to loss of hair.

  • Increased Secretion of Oil. Nicotine stimulates the secretion of head oil. Though some oil is necessary for a healthy scalp and hair, too much can clog the hair follicles and block air from reaching them. When this happens, the follicles can become so damaged that they no longer produce hair.

  • Increasing DHT. DHT is an androgen that is partially responsible for many male traits. It can also lead to hair loss in men if levels get too high. Nicotine increases DHT production and thus increases the chance of developing a receding hairline or baldness.

  • Damaged Scalp. Smoking generates multiple harmful substances that can destroy the pH balance of the scalp. When this happens, hair growth is often negatively affected.

A survey of over 700 males in Taiwan revealed that those who smoked had higher rates of hair loss than those who didn’t. The study also found that those who smoked more frequently had a higher rate of hair loss than those who smoked occasionally. It’s very clear that nicotine in any of its forms is not good to inhale if you’re worried about losing your hair.

Is It Possible To Reverse Hair Loss From Nicotine?

Fortunately, hair loss from smoking may not be permanent. In many cases, you can reverse at least some of the damage by simply quitting smoking. In other cases, you may need to take additional, proactive steps to try to get your hair back. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is essential for hair regrowth. Your hair follicles need certain nutrients to thrive, including:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • B-Vitamins
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Protein
  • Iron

Most of these nutrients are present in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and animal products. So eating a healthy diet full of colorful fruits and vegetables is a great start toward meeting your goal of healthy hair. If your diet is deficient in these nutrients, you can use supplements to boost your intake.

Another way to regrow your hair after nicotine hair loss is by using hair-stimulating products. These come in a variety of forms, including topical serums, shampoos and conditioners, tablets and lash and brow products. Keep in mind that it takes time for any hair regrowth product to work. So once you choose a product, make sure you use it consistently for a few weeks to start experiencing noticeable results.

What Products Are Best for All Types of Hair Loss?

There are certain products that are very effective at stimulating the growth if thicker, healthier hair. Here are a few of our top suggestions:

  • Revita.CBD: This shampoo contains antioxidants and CBD for hair stimulation. It’s one of our more popular products and fights thinning hair very well. It’s also a great solution for nicotine hair loss and is suitable for all hair types.

  • Revita Tablets: Our Revita hair growth support tablets feature zinc, genistein, B-sitosterol and other ingredients known to promote hair growth. They are clinically proven to contribute to thicker, fuller and more resilient hair. They’re also 100% drug free so you don’t need to worry about dangerous side effects.

  • Spectral.DNC-N: This product is one of the most powerful hair-loss treatments we offer. We encourage you to try it if you’re experience nicotine-related hair loss and experience its benefits for yourself. It contains 5% Nanoxidil®, which is a great alternative to Minoxidil. Unlike Minoxidil, Nanoxidil® does not come with a lengthy list of side effects. Instead, it stimulates hair growth in a safe and very effective way. Spectral.DNC-N also contains caffeine, azelaic acid, adenosine and other ingredients that show promising results in hair regrowth and stimulation. You can compare Nanoxidil vs. Minoxidil here.

You may wish to try just one of these products to start out, or you may wish to try a combination of products to experience optimum results. Just remember that in order to get lasting benefits from any of these products, it’s important to stop smoking. If you continue smoking or using other products containing nicotine, you will have a difficult time getting the kind of results you want.

Ready To Find Your Perfect Hair-Boosting Products?

When it comes to hair regrowth, no two scalps are created equal. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best products for your unique situation. Fortunately, we have a convenient hair assessment quiz that can help you figure out what products to use for your hair loss. The quiz takes minimal time to complete and will match you up with the ideal solutions. We look forward to helping you grow beautiful, thick hair that shows no sign of nicotine damage.


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