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DHT Blocking Shampoo - Everything You Need To Know About A Shampoo to Block DHT

DHT Blocking Shampoo - Everything You Need To Know About A Shampoo to Block DHT

Comprehensive Guide to DHT, Androgenic Alopecia and Achieving Healthy Hair

If you are one of the millions of men and women who are facing the reality of hair loss, it is no laughing matter. Like it not, a full head of hair represents youth, health and sexual vitality. Thinning or balding hair can act as a shocking reminder of inevitable aging and mortality. The hair growth industry has increased as companies develop products aimed at helping people hang on to more of their hair. Many factors can contribute to balding, but one form caused by the human hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is especially damaging.

Androgenic Alopecia, or male pattern baldness, affects millions of both men and women. The body creates DHT from testosterone, which is a critical hormone for health in both sexes. This type of hair loss occurs when the body produces too much DHT that ends up on the surface of the scalp. For some reason, not fully understood, DHT weakens the ability of hair follicles to follow their regular hair growth cycles. Scalp follicles act as containers for individual hairs on the head. When a hair follicle ceases to function correctly, it releases the strand of hair it is nourishing. When this process occurs to multiple follicles, bald spots occur on the head.

Unlocking the Secrets of DHT

For years, scientists could not do too much to help people with male pattern baldness. The baldness prevention industry marketed products with ingredients that helped with keeping remaining hair healthier, but many were ineffective until researchers discovered the DHT link. Researchers first developed pills that could inhibit the body from creating DHT, but this method had some drawbacks. The key to preventing, and even reversing, male pattern baldness is blocking DHT from accumulating on the scalp. Since the presence of this hormone is vital for other areas of the body, using a shampoo became the preferred treatment method for treating baldness.

Research has supported the treatment strategy of promoting hair growth by blocking the substance from collecting on the scalp. The discovery of how too much DHT causes baldness sparked a flurry of activity to find specific ingredients that would inhibit it from amassing on the skin on top of the head. Marketers have made many claims as to the effectiveness of various natural and humanmade chemicals in preventing and curing baldness. So far, professional research has shown there are only a few substances that work.

Proven DHT Blockers and Hair Growth Enhancers

While the market does contain some DHT inhibitors that people with male pattern baldness can ingest orally, the side effects they can cause are considerable. In many cases, the best course of treatment includes using a shampoo that contains ingredients proven to block DHT. Research has shown other components, while not proven to block DHT, help promote hair healthy hair growth.


  • Ketoconazole – Research has linked this chemical to disruption of DHT on the scalp. Scientists believe it works by inhibiting AR receptors, which are the substances the body uses to convert testosterone to DHT. When users apply this substance in the form of a shampoo, a reversal of male pattern baldness can occur.

  • Biotin – This B vitamin helps the body convert nutrients into energy. Biotin aids the process of synthesizing fatty acids and glucose, which is one of the necessities of thick, healthy hair.


  • Ornithine – A vital enzyme that the body uses to produce polyamines, ornithine is a critical component of healthy hair. Laboratory research has shown this ingredient can reduce hair loss and increase hair strength.


  • Cysteine – A part of the Keratin group, research has shown this amino acid can reverse hair loss and repair slow hair growth.


Balanced Hair Care

Many factors besides blocking DHT goes into creating a full, healthy head of hair. Many ingredients promote hair preservation and growth by creating a healthy environment on the scalp. Various natural substances can help sufferers of hair loss hold on to the hair they have and repair damage to their scalp. Even in cases where treatment cannot fully reverse hair loss, promoting hair growth can help keep the appearance of a healthy head of hair.

To help with healthy hair, most experts recommend choosing a shampoo containing high-quality ingredients combined in proper proportions to promote healthy hair. Research has shown various natural herbs, enzymes and substances that each contributes in some way to help create suitable conditions for better hair growth and retention.

  • Apple Polyphenol – Helps prevent oxidation, inflammation and glycation of hair on the scalp.


  • Caffeine – Shown to prevent hair loss and stimulate new hair growth.


  • Taurine – An amino acid naturally occurring in the body that can promote keratin production to stop hair loss.


  • Emu Oil – Rich in fatty acids, emu oil can help stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss by improving scalp health.


  • Niacinamide – This vitamin B3 is an essential nutrient that supports some of the cellular processes necessary for healthy hair growth and retention.


  • Copper Peptides – When amino acids link together to form copper peptides, they have healing properties that can help repair damaged hair follicles on the scalp.

The Complete Package: Revita Shampoo!

To provide the best solution for individuals concerned with hair loss, DS Laboratories introduces Revita shampoo. Revita contains proven DHT blockers ketoconazole and biotin to stop premature male pattern baldness by treating it at the source. DS Laboratories also understands the importance of creating conditions on the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. They left out the harsh detergents that can harm your scalp. Instead, they included carefully selected ingredients including amino acids, botanical extracts and other compounds to contribute to the overall health of your hair.

If your results are anything like the ones recorded in clinical studies, after using Revita for 90 days, you can expect:


  • Decreased Hair Loss (92% of trial users)
  • Improvement in Hair Appearance (85% of trial users)
  • Slower Hair Rate Loss (70% of trial users)


If you are beginning to notice thinning hair or if you have already experienced hair loss, Revita can help restore your healthy head of hair. Try the balanced solution for reversing hair loss and promoting hair growth from DS Laboratories: Revita shampoo.

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