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Christina Millian Journey with Postpartum: Hair Loss

Christina Millian Journey with Postpartum: Hair Loss

Nearly all women who give birth find they lose a significant amount of hair a few months after delivery. And yes, this includes our favorite celebs. Indeed, no one is really left out of this not-so-great side effect of major hormonal shifts following pregnancy and birth, but few new moms talked about it until recently. And thanks to celebs like Christina Millian, women can be more prepared for the changes to their hair, along with many other changes that happen physically, mentally, and emotionally after birth. Here's a look a Christina Millian's journey with postpartum hair loss.

The Spotlight on Christina Millian

In a recent interview with People magazine, the singer opened up about struggles with postpartum hair loss after her second child was born. She remarked that hair loss was new to her, saying, "I have always taken pride in being the girl who didn't leave hair in the shower. Like, you're not going to find my hair all over the soap." Later in the interview, she said, "Well, I became that girl."


Well, she certainly isn't alone. Your hair can certainly become affected after birth between the stress of bringing home a new baby and the sleepless nights coupled with big hormonal shifts.


Postpartum is a monumental time in a woman's life. No matter how many babies you have had, each delivery has its own unique recovery, and there is a lot of adjusting to various changes in your body. And hair loss is one of those changes that can feel really isolating and make you feel self-conscious.


Indeed, Millian was so embarrassed about her own hair loss she initially tried to keep it from her boyfriend Matt Pokora. She even would look for hair loss solutions on billboards because she was desperate for a solution. She tells People, "I would drive and actually look for billboards about hair loss. I'd look for doctor billboards and infomercials. I was checking everything out. It was a panic within me." Eventually, she did tell Pokora, as it was hard to keep from him anyway as her hair was everywhere.

How Did Christina Millian Get Her Hair Back?

Many new moms fear they won't ever get their hair back to what it was before pregnancy. Even Millian said, "I had times where I wanted to cry because I wasn't sure if I'd ever have my hair grow back again." But with time, postpartum hair loss does stop, and new moms will regrow their hair. Earlier this year, Millian gave birth to her third child, Kenna, and has yet to experience postpartum hair loss. However, she said this time she is trying to stay ahead of it by paying a lot more attention to the hair products she uses.

What Products Should New Moms Use?

The type of products you use on your hair is always important. But, new moms should be especially aware of what they are using on their hair. Start by using a good shampoo and conditioner that helps to thicken and strengthen your hair while keeping it clean and hydrated. Next, if you have scalp inflammation or issues with dandruff, make sure to also target those in your regular washes with a shampoo like the RADIA or DANDRENE shampoo. Also, if you are a person who dyes their hair regularly, or uses hot styling tools, try to cut down on how often you do these practices as it can damage your hair and inflame your scalp.

What Else Can New Moms Do To Reduce Postpartum Hair Loss?

Regrettably, many lifestyle changes necessary for hair growth are pretty challenging for new moms. Most dermatologists will recommend you eat a well-balanced diet rich in protein, iron, biotin, and other essential nutrients. However, we know that new moms have a hard time even getting in the simplest of meals when they have a new baby (let alone if they have other older children at home as well). And coupled with breastfeeding, it can be tough to save enough of the good nutrients for your hair.


Similarly, we also know that sleep is crucial for hair growth and to reduce fallout. However, sleep deprivation is the name of the game when it comes to bringing a new baby home, so we know that new moms are definitely struggling in this area. Not to mention, getting plenty of exercise is key, but it can be tough to get a real workout in when you are juggling a new baby on top of everything else.


Furthermore, reducing stress as much as possible is crucial to helping with hair regrowth. However, the problem is that being a new mom is met with a lot of stress, and it doesn't go away for quite a long time. So, many moms wonder: how can I help my hair grow back when I am already pulled in every direction and have only 2 hours of sleep each night?


According to Millian, she eats more fruits and vegetables than usual and tries to stay consistent when she goes to bed each night. "I try to go to bed early, around 10 or 10:30" even though she is still waking up once a night to feed Kenna. Then, she does her morning routine that includes breakfast, and after that, she says, "I slip away, quietly, while my husband's still upstairs, and tippy-toe down to the treadmill/ I get down there and I do my thing. I do me. Thirty minutes a day, three times a week, is just enough that I know I can commit."


So, our message to new moms is this: postpartum hair loss is entirely normal and is nothing to be ashamed about. With that said, do some simple things that help put you first, like scheduling "me time" to get a little workout in a few times a week and eating plenty of healthy foods. And certainly, ask for help whenever you can. More than just your hair will benefit from you giving yourself a little extra TLC.

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