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Can You Get Acne Breakouts from Using Minoxidil For Your Beard Growth?

Can You Get Acne Breakouts from Using Minoxidil For Your Beard Growth?

Minoxidil is one of the most common formulations for hair regrowth. Commonly sold under the brand name Rogaine® in most grocery stores and pharmacies, men and women have relied on this product to help them regrow hair on their scalp. More recently, minoxidil has also been used by men to boost facial hair growth. Yet, while most men are looking for a more masculine, mature look by increasing their facial hair, it may come with a not-so-expected, unpleasant side effect: acne. Let’s take a look at how minoxidil works to support beard growth, why you may struggle with acne breakouts from using minoxidil, and how you can get the look you want without the side effects you don’t desire.

How Does Minoxidil Work?

Minoxidil is a topical solution that works by increasing blood flow wherever you apply it. When applied to an area with hair follicles, the extra blood flow can provide more nutrients and oxygen for hair follicles that otherwise are not getting a sufficient supply. Originally, minoxidil was discovered as a solution for hair loss when it was initially used to treat high blood pressure. Men taking this medication had the pleasant side effect of hair regrowth, along with better blood pressure control. Because not all people with hair loss suffer from hypertension, minoxidil was developed into a topical solution.


Aside from increasing blood flow to the area minoxidil is applied, the product may also reverse:


  • shrinking follicles, which occur in people who have DHT sensitivity
  • Stimulate growth during that anagen phase of the hair growth cycle
  • Lengthen the amount of time hair is in the anagen phase


All of these effects sound great, especially if you are in the thinning hair club. Yet, there are some side effects you will want to consider before using, especially if you decide to use it on your face. In particular, men who wish to increase beard growth may notice acne breakouts from using minoxidil.

What Causes Acne?

Adult acne is pesky and tough to treat. Acne is the result of when a hair follicle becomes blocked. Sebaceous glands are small oil-producing glands in your skin attached to hair follicles that keep the hair and skin from becoming too dry. When a sebaceous gland produces too much oil (sebum), it can mix with dead skin cells and plug up the hair follicle. The result can be a painful red bump that sometimes has a whitehead on it. If the plugged follicle stays below the skin, it can create a blackhead. Things get complicated when bacteria that is usually harmless infect the plugged follicles, causing pimples or cysts to develop.


Adults can frequently struggle with acne that is often related to hormones, but certain medications and cosmetic products can also cause acne. Regrettably, minoxidil is one of those products that may overstimulate your hair follicles, leaving acne breakouts in its wake.

Treating Acne From Minoxidil

Typical acne treatment may include taking a new medication such as an oral or topical antibiotic, topical retinal, or azelaic acid. However, avoiding any cosmetic products that may be causing acne would be your first step as it may save you from taking a medication with harmful side effects. Because minoxidil is technically a medication that is an over-the-counter option, you can certainly stop using it, and you may need to if you are struggling with skin problems. Of course, stopping minoxidil doesn’t help you achieve your facial hair goals, so you may want to consider alternative hair growth options that are non-greasy and non-irritating.


The SPECTRAL.BRD Breakthrough Beard Stimulating Serum offers an integrated approach for filling in your beard and giving you even coverage without the unpleasant side effects of minoxidil products. The product uses three main ingredients to give you the beard you desire: Nanoxidil, piroctone olamine, and adenosine.


Nanoxidil - Dermatologists back this proprietary molecule from the scientists at DS Laboratories for its success in helping with hair growth without adverse effects. Nanoxidil targets hair follicles in a similar way that minoxidil does, but the molecule has high efficiency with a low molecular weight that helps penetrate deeper into the hair follicle. This molecule opens ion channels and prolongs the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle.


Piroctone olamine - this compound is often used to treat fungal infections that commonly lead to dandruff. Many men struggle with seborrheic dermatitis on their faces, which can cause flaking, itching, redness. If left untreated, the inflammation may interfere with beard growth. Additionally, these compounds can improve the amount of time your facial hair is in anagen, decreasing shredding and patchiness.


Adenosine - Used in a variety of ways in medicine, topical application of adenosine in the Spectral.BRD product lengthens anagen and stimulates the proliferation of dermal papilla cells, which help follicles to develop in the epidermis, or top layer of the skin.


To use Spectral.BRD, you apply 6-8 drops directly to the area you wish to see fuller beard growth, twice daily. After application, massage with your hands on the desired location and wash your hands right after. Leave the serum on your skin.

Try Micro-Needle Simulation

Also known as a dermaroller, this small device can help bring blood flow to areas needing a little extra dose of nutrients, oxygen, and healing cells. A dermaroller brings the concept of micro-needling into your home so that you can stimulate follicular growth in front of your bathroom mirror. Not to mention, it also helps your skin absorb products more readily, so it can be great to use along with the Spectral.BRD.


If you have struggled with acne and scarring, using a dermaroller can help with tissue repair by reducing the size of large pores, preventing premature aging, and getting rid of hyperpigmentation. Regular use also helps with new collagen formation and leaves your skin smoother, firmer, and more toned.


If you are tired of the frustrating side effects of minoxidil, make the switch to the newer, more advanced Nanoxidil products to help you achieve your beard goals.

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