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Can I Use a Derma Roller With Minoxidil?

By: Alejandro Buttari |
Can I Use a Derma Roller With Minoxidil?

Derma rollers and minoxidil are popular solutions for treating hair loss, thinning, and improving hair growth.

Derma rollers are highly recommended by beauty experts and enthusiasts for their various skin benefits. But they are also commonly used for combating hair loss and boosting hair growth.

Meanwhile, minoxidil is an FDA-approved topical medication that is used to treat androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

Derma rollers and minoxidil are effective treatment options for hair loss and many people use them together to boost their efficacy. If you’ve been thinking of using them to slow hair loss and stimulate hair growth, you’re in the right place.

Let’s further explore what derma rolling and minoxidil are as well as if combining them increases their effectiveness.


What Is Derma Rolling?

Derma rolling is a gentle form of microneedling. These procedures involve making small punctures in the outer layer of the skin called the stratum corneum. This helps boost the production of essential structural proteins like collagen and elastin which improves the condition of your skin and hair.

By creating micro-injuries to the skin or scalp, derma rolling activates your body’s natural wound-healing process. This heals the affected areas and boosts the health and texture of the skin and hair.

The injuries made by derma rolling aren’t deep. So, you usually won’t see any scarring that normally occurs with skin injuries.

Derma rolling is generally used in the treatment of wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation issues, and hair loss. When used for hair loss, it helps improve blood circulation to the hair follicles and triggers hair growth.


What Is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a topical medication used in the treatment of hair loss. You can buy it in the form of a liquid or foam and apply it directly to your scalp on balding and thinning areas.

Research on how minoxidil works exactly is limited. But it is proven to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles. This may promote hair growth by extending the growth period.

There are many research studies to back this up. One study reported that minoxidil was effective in the treatment of hair loss. Another study noted that minoxidil boosted hair growth in men suffering from androgenetic alopecia.


Can I Use a Derma Roller With Minoxidil?

You can safely use a derma roller and minoxidil together to slow hair loss and improve hair growth. In fact, combining these treatments are much more effective in fighting hair loss and promoting hair growth than when used alone.

There is extensive research to support this fact. A study of 60 participants with male androgenetic alopecia found that combining derma rolling and minoxidil resulted in increased hair growth than using only minoxidil.

So, you can not only use a derma roller and minoxidil together but also improve your hair growth results by doing so.


How To Use a Derma Roller With Minoxidil

There are a couple of ways to combine derma rolling with minoxidil. You can visit a clinic and have a professional perform the derma rolling process. This is great for those who have never tried using a derma roller before.

Note that a professional will charge hundreds of dollars depending on the area that needs treatment and where you live.

If you wish to avoid the high costs associated with a professional derma rolling session, go the DIY route. This may not be as effective as a professional session since dermatologists use longer needles but you will pay much less for a derma roller and still enjoy some of its benefits.

You can easily buy a high-quality derma roller for as little as $12 to $30. You can also choose between derma rollers with different heads and needle lengths.

To use a derma roller, follow the directions on its package. Home-use derma rollers are usually meant for slow, gentle use on affected areas. You may experience a slight tingling or pricking sensation while using the derma roller on your scalp.

Protect your scalp while derma rolling with the following tips:

  • If you experience discomfort while derma rolling, apply a numbing cream to the area first. Then wash it away completely before you start using your derma roller.
  • Disinfect the derma roller and the affected area of your scalp with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  • Roll the derma roller over the target area vertically and then horizontally.

Once you finish derma rolling, wash the target areas with warm water. Also, keep your derma roller clean after using it.

Now, apply minoxidil to the balding and thinning areas of your scalp.



Derma rolling and minoxidil are great ways to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Using them regularly will help you see fuller, healthier locks and stay confident about your hair. Before you start any new routine or medication, make sure that you consult your doctor or dermatologist first.

This information is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.