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Get 15% Off Your First Order With Code "DS15"
Can DHT be Blocked to Avoid Hair Loss?

Can DHT be Blocked to Avoid Hair Loss?


So you noticed your hair is thinning or falling off than normal and you are worried about the root cause? Maybe wrong choices of food? Stress? genetic? Or you probably used the wrong shampoo in washing your hair.

It is no longer news that DHT, dihydrotestosterone is responsible for loss of hair especially in men. DHT is a steroid hormone that binds to the scalp’s receptor in men that are genetically susceptible to hair loss.

What Is DHT?

DHT, dihydrotestosterone is a hormone produced as a secondary product of testosterone, found both in male and female but in varying amount. DHT bind to the receptors in the hair follicle of people genetically susceptible to hair loss weakens and shrinks them, and eventually causes them to die.

This process termed ‘miniaturization’ puts an end to the growth of hair in follicles that are affected with DHT.

Amazingly, DHT is essential for hair growth in other part of the body such as the back, chest, pubic region, and it is also responsible for baldness of hair.

Since we already know that loss of hair is primarily caused by DHT, the most effective way to prevent hair loss or slow down the process is to block the supply of DHT.

Blocking of DHT can be done achieved at the source by the use of drugs containing Melatonin such as REVITA Tablets for Hair Revitalization that disrupt the conversion of testosterone to DHT. The body is prevented from producing DHT at all

Another method is by making use of a DHT blocking hair shampoo, spray or conditioner that makes DHT stay away from the hair follicles. A good one is manufactured by DS laboratories which are REVITA hair growth stimulating shampoo, REVITA Hair Growth stimulating conditioner and Spectral DNC-N Redensifying.

Revita products are highly recommended to tackle all causes of hair loss, whether by DHT or not.

REVITA Tablets for Hair Revitalization

REVITA anti hair loss tablet is a hair dietary supplement specially formulated for all hair loss related issues such as inflammation, hormonal changes and oxidative damage. REVITA tablet support the growth of hair and prevents hair loss.

This tablet lessens the oxidative stress that happens to the hair follicle cells with the help of melatonin, a powerful ingredient that delays telogen phase and elongates the anagen phase.

Vitamin D and Isoflavones are also present in the form of Biocanin A and Daidzein. Daidezin is an active antioxidant gotten from clover and soya extract. They produce anti-inflammatory effect and anti-oxidizing effect.

Zinc is also present as zinc gluconate. It guides the hair against damage and helps in synthesis of protein.

Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

It stimulates the hair follicles and prevents hair does the cleansing of the hair and strengthens it alongside. This hair shampoo fortifies and increases the density of the hair from within by making essential nutrients available to the hair while removing dirt from the scalp, making it healthier and stronger.

Revita shampoo is made of a number of ingredients majorly procyanidin B2 serving as an antioxidant, niacinamide and copper peptides makes vascularization better, amino acids makes the hair follicle elastic and provides it with a structural function, and caffeine largely inhibits testosterone present in the follicle.

The Revita revitalization shampoo is suitable for all hair types in daily hair makes the healthier and look fuller. It contains proteins and amino acids formulated using the latest technology to help get better quality and density in hair.

Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner

It is a hair science bioresearch product which serves the purpose of stimulating and rejuvenating the hair. This conditioner is specially formulated to deeply nourish your hair thereby improving its texture, density and silkiness. Revita conditioner will make your hair tangle free and make it shine.

Its 13 active ingredient sticks to the scalp with the help of the high tech delivery system employed where they are enclosed in a nanosome capsule to ensure the formula still works a long while after it is rinsed.

The Revita Hair Stimulating Conditioner contains caffeine, ginseng, amino acids, inositol and copper peptides as its main also contains extract from stem cells in it which elongates productivity of hair follicles .it can be used on all hair types

Spectral DNC-N Redensifying Hair Therapy

The spectral DNC-N is a treatment formulated with Nanodixil 5% a key ingredient in tackling hair loss and hair thinning. The essential nutrients needed for the growth of hair are incorporated into the nanodixil which encourages the multiplication of derma papilla cell by circulating round the hair follicle and stimulation of hair growth.

Androgenetic alopecia is specially taken care of by this hair therapy because it contains Azelaic acid which has anti DHT effect. It also contains Piroctone Olamine, an ingredient that controls the incessant production of cells on the scalp and also has an antibacterial and antifungal effect on germs responsible for scalp diseases. Propylene glycol (PEG) is not part of the ingredient.

The Spectral DNC-N also has its ingredients encapsulated in nanosomes and are released systematically.

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