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9 Tips to Control Hair Frizz

9 Tips to Control Hair Frizz

We all get frizzy hair at times, but some people are more prone to frizz than others. Certain factors can make frizz worse, so knowing what causes frizz is the first step in combating it. Frizz is usually the result of dry hair. When the hair is dry, it tries to absorb moisture from its surroundings, which causes individual cuticles to swell instead of lying flat. A microscopic view of your cuticle, or outer shell of your hair shaft, will normally show overlapping scales. When hair is seeking moisture, the scales separate and even rise. For this reason, people often complain of frizzy hair in hot, humid weather: it is because their dry hair is doing whatever it can to soak up the moisture in the air.


If you want to get smoother hair, you have to start by moisturizing your hair correctly.

Use a Good Conditioner, and Use It Often

Conditioner is one of the most essential components of hair care. It helps prevent breakage and locks in moisture. Because its primary role is to hydrate your hair, it is vital if you are trying to control frizz. You should be using a conditioner every time you wash your hair. Once you apply your conditioner, leave it on your strands for a few minutes while you finish cleansing the rest of your body in the shower. These extra minutes can make a big difference in controlling frizz.


Make sure you are using a conditioner that not only moisturizes but also repairs your strands. The NIA Restructuring conditioner helps control frizz by locking in moisture, repairing damaged strands, boosting your tresses, and detangling your hair. It is also the perfect conditioner for hair that is chemically damaged or dyed - both of which can worsen frizz.

Detangle in the Shower

People with longer hair know only too well that detangling can be a process. And if you have curly hair, that process can be lengthy and intense. Detangling your hair in the shower is a great way to reduce frizz. It can be helpful to give your hair a quick brush right before you get in the shower, but take a wide-toothed comb with you or use your finger (especially with curly hair) to detangle. Bonus points if you do it while your conditioner is on your hair.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Daily

Unless you are particularly prone to excess oil production, daily washing can dry out your hair. Allow the natural oils on your scalp and hair to self-moisturize on days when you don’t wash your hair. And when you do wash, make sure to use a shampoo that is not drying or harsh. Often, it is best to use the same brand and system for shampooing as conditioning, as they should complement one another. Pair your NIA Conditioner with the NIA Restructuring Shampoo to gently cleanse hair while simultaneously repairing split ends.

Formulated to Reduce Frizzy Hair

Toweling off Can Add to the Frizz

Many people step out of the shower and intensely dry their hair with an abrasive towel. Try to pass on this step of your shower routine entirely, and opt for gently squeezing your ends with a softer fabric aside from your bath towel. You can use an old t-shirt or microfiber towel to wrap your hair in or even search for an anti-frizz towel online. Leave your hair wrapped in the softer towel for some time to allow the water to transfer from your hair to the fabric.

Swap out Your Cotton Pillowcase for Silk

Silk pillowcases seem to be a thing right now, and that is because they are actually helping women control with out-of-control frizz that happens overnight. Other fabrics tend to leave creases in your hair and even absorb the moisture and oils you naturally produce, leaving your hair dry and even brittle. Silk doesn’t pull your natural oils out of your hair, nor does it create an abrasive environment that can leave your hair creased in the morning.

Nourish from Within

We often focus solely on nourishing and moisturizing our hair from the outside but preventing dryness also comes from within. Drinking plenty of water is one of the best things you can do for your hair (not to mention the rest of your body too). Aside from getting your 6-8 glasses of water a day, it is also important to provide the proper nutrients to your hair through your diet. Knowing what to eat for hair health and absorbing all of the nutrients from those foods can be challenging, so many people take hair supplements to support healthy hair. The REVITA Nutraceutical Tablets for Hair Growth Support provides a foundation for healthy hair and helps to support hair growth.

Pass on Styling Tools When You Can

Many women turn toward hot styling tools to help reduce their frizz. While this is a great temporary solution for smoothing out your hair, it exacerbates the problem. Intense heat focused on your hair, such as with a straightener or curling iron, damages the cuticle, causing the scales to separate. This separation allows moisture to escape and does not allow the hair to lay smoothly. Give your hair a break on the weekends or during the week, or talk to your stylist about other ways to wear your hair without drying it out.

Take a Look at Your Environment

Most of us cannot, nor will not, up and move because our environment constantly makes our hair a frizzy mess. Indeed, there is little we can do to control the elements outside of our home. However, we can make small changes within our homes. For example, try using a humidifier in your bedroom during dry months. Remember, we often think the humidity is the culprit, but really it is dryness that causes frizzing.

Create an At-home Hair Mask Using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is all the rage. People use it in so many ways. One of the more popular ways to use coconut oil is to coat your hair in it and leave it in for some time. This easy DIY at-home mask can work wonders on locking moisture into your tresses.

Regain Control of Your Hair

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