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8 Ingredients You Must AVOID In Your Shampoo

8 Ingredients You Must AVOID In Your Shampoo

When trying to clean up your beauty routine, it’s important to focus on the products you use in the shower, as these are likely being used daily! When it comes to shampoo, many brands are known for having less than healthy ingredients in their formulas to help users achieve a certain texture, color, tone, or scent. While many of these promises and advertisements are intriguing, they are often misleading for consumers who are looking for hair-healthy options. In this article, we will explore 10 ingredients you should avoid when shopping for your shampoo.


One of the most common ingredients used in shampoo is alcohol. You will more likely than not see this as one of the very first ingredients listed on a package! The higher up on the ingredient list this product is, the more likely it is to damage your hair. Alcohol has a drying effect, which can leave your hair brittle and cause breakage. However, some alcohols are better to use than others, such as Cetearyl and Staryl. You should try to avoid any product with isopropyl alcohol or propanol.


Formaldehyde is one of the most harmful chemicals that manufacturers can include in their shampoos. This ingredient is a known carcinogen, meaning it can lead to cancer in the human body. Formaldehyde can be absorbed into the skin and cause long-term damage.

Retinyl Palmitate

Retinol is a product that is frequently talked about in the skincare industry and beauty community. However, this ingredient is very potent and should be used safely according to instructions. Many shampoos contain an ingredient called palmitate, which converts into retinol when it comes in contact with the skin. This interaction can cause peeling, scaling, redness, and overall irritation. To combat this, we recommend switching to a product such as Radia Purifying Shampoo for dry, sensitive, or irritated scalp.


Parabens are another key ingredient to avoid when looking to clean up your skincare and shower care routine. Parabens are used as a preservative to help bacteria from growing in cosmetics and shampoos over time. However, our skin absorbs these chemicals upon usage. Parabens can actually mimic estrogen, which can be dangerous when introduced to the body in excess amounts.

Sodium Chloride

Sodium chloride is an ingredient many of us studied in our high school biology and chemistry classes. Simply put, this ingredient is salt! It is used in shampoos to help maintain their thick and creamy consistency. However, salt is known to dry things out. When used on the scalp, it can cause irritation, dryness, and even hair loss. If you have experienced this, we recommend using a product like the Revita Kit, Hair Growth Stimulating shampoo and conditioner, to bring back your confidence and promote healthy hair growth.


Sulfates are a chemical that acts as a cleaning agent for dirt and excess oil on the head. They help shampoos achieve a luxurious lather but can be extremely irritating and damaging. If you suffer from frizzy or dry hair, sulfates may be the cause. To repair dry and damaged hair, try switching to a product such as Radia Purifying Shampoo. Sulfates are also harmful to wildlife and our environment, so keeping them out of the water supply is crucial.


Quaternium-15 [12] is another preservative used in many shampoo formulas. This is another carcinogen, known to cause cancer and other health complications. Not only that, but it can be an eye irritant, too! This is not something you want to find listed on the back of your shampoo bottle.


Toluene [9] is another ingredient used in many hair care products and should be especially avoided if you are an expectant mom-to-be. Toluene can have a severely negative effect on your central nervous system. More commonly, this ingredient is often labeled as benzene, another known human carcinogen.


We hope this list provides you with a guide on what to avoid next time you stock up on hair care products! Remember to avoid any of these ingredients when taking a glance at the back of your future hair car product bottles. Happy shopping!

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