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7 Things That Make The Perfect Beard for The Perfect Man

7 Things That Make The Perfect Beard for The Perfect Man

Beards are pretty popular these days. Fortunately, well-sculpted beards are not exactly the “in” thing, meaning that you have a lot of room to let your natural facial hair direct your style. With that said, certain things make the perfect beard for the perfect man. If you are considering or dreaming of sporting facial hair in the foreseeable future, read up on these 7 tips to help you grow your ideal beard.  

Patience Is Paramount

This one is tough for anyone, but it is especially hard for a guy who has already settled on the fact that it’s time for a change in his facial hair. Whether you can grow facial hair quickly or not, you will need a certain amount of patience as your facial hair begins to take shape. Really, growing a beard requires a lot of self-restraint. You will likely want to trim and style it often, but leaving it untouched for 4-6 weeks is critical in helping it grow evenly on your face.


If you want to speed up your growth time, make sure to follow a healthy diet, cut out harmful lifestyle habits like smoking and excessive drinking, get plenty of exercise and sleep, and curb your stress levels. Like the hair on your hair, your facial hair will grow much more optimally if given a healthy internal environment.

Design Your Beard with Your Face Shape in Mind

Certain beard styles will be far more appealing on your face than others. So, while the current trend may be attractive to you, it may not be your best look. If you want to see what facial hairstyle will best suit you, consult your hairstylist. Generally, it is helpful to make sure your hairstyle and facial hair embrace your face shape and complement each other.  

Maintain Trimming and Grooming

Trimming too much in the beginning will only slow your growth. However, regular trimming will be essential once you have a good foundation. No matter what kind of facial hairstyle you are going with, you will want to make sure you are using the right tools to maintain your beard. Having a good trimmer and knowing how to use it and care for it will boost the longevity of your beard-trimming gear, and your beard.

Regular Washing Is a Must

Just like the hair on your head, you need to wash your facial hair regularly to prevent a build-up of food, dried skin cells, and excess oils. When these items get trapped, it can cause itching and irritation and can also suppress hair growth. While you are likely focusing on the hair, it is really the skin you want to make sure to cleanse, as that is where the hair is actually growing.


What you wash your beard with is essential. You will want to use a good cleanser, which can be your shampoo, and depending on the length of your beard, you may also want to add in conditioner. Just be sure not to over dry with an abrasive towel it after washing, as that can cause split ends and make the hair brittle and frizzy.

The Mustache Matters

It is easy to forget the mustache in all of your facial hair grooming, especially if you have a full beard to maintain. But you will (hopefully) have a mustache if you have a beard, and grooming your mustache is just as important as the rest of your facial hair. You will want to regularly trim your mustache to prevent any wayward hairs. A good pair of grooming scissors used every four days can help maintain a natural line between your lips and nose.

Train Your Beard to Behave How You Want It

You can cut and trim your beard any way you choose, but regular grooming will not help train the hairs to lay the way you want. If you have hairs that do not cooperate with your master plan, you will need to take proactive steps to train your beard to fall a specific way. After washing, comb, brush, and gently pull your hair into the direction you wish it to go. If you have any outliers or stubborn hairs that will not cooperate, don’t hesitate to use a product to help keep your facial hair in line.

Stimulate Facial Hair Where You Need It

All of these tips sound great and useful for anyone that can actually grow a beard. However, there are many men who would love to have a beard that simply cannot grow one. Your ability to grow facial hair usually lies within your DNA, so there is not much you can do to change your ability to grow facial hair naturally. If you are slow to grow or cannot grow hair where you want it, it is essential to invest in a beard growth serum.


Just like the hair on your head, there are ways to stimulate facial hair growth. The SPECTRAL.BRD Beard Stimulating Serums from DS Laboratories is a breakthrough serum that gives you fuller, thicker beard hair. Whether you can’t grow hair or it is patchy in spots, SPECTRAL.BRD is armed with Nanoxidil 5%, which prolongs the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle while increasing the shaft diameter of your hair follicles. This formulation yields a thicker, fuller beard without the unpleasant side effects of older hair growth formulations like minoxidil.


If you have dreamed of having the perfect beard, it is now at your fingertips. With the right product and extra care in your facial hair routine, you can change your look for the better, growing not only your beard but your confidence, too.  

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