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6 Things Women Love About A Guy’s Hair

6 Things Women Love About A Guy’s Hair

Okay, gents, the ladies have spoken. After chatting with women of all ages and personality types (including guy types), we have rounded up the top things that women love most about a guy’s hair. One of the many ways we express ourselves is through how we style and wear our hair. Consequently, it is one of the first things other people notice about us, especially those of the opposite sex. So guys, if you are vying for the attention of a lady, you may want to take these 6 things into consideration the next time you style or cut your hair.

Running Their Hands Through It

Coming in on top as the most notable hair characteristic, women say they love to be able to run their hands in their guy’s hair. Indeed, it is also attractive to see guys run their own fingers through their hair. Women are very tactile and therefore love to have something tangible and soft to touch.


To run your hands through your hair, you will need to have hair that is longer than the width of your fingers. Generally, most women prefer hair that is at least slightly longer than a buzz cut. While buzz cuts have their place and appeal, it often looks a little more strict as opposed to casual and easygoing.


One big no-no we encountered was that women despise when men use too much product. If the hair doesn’t have a little movement or feels like concrete, it seems overdone and rigid. Not to mention, many hair products can have an overwhelming scent that can be over-the-top. No matter how you style your hair, make sure your lady can run her hands through your locks.

Give Your Hair The Right Look and Feel

Bed Head

Just rolling out of bed with hair ruffled by your pillow is not necessarily attractive once you leave the house. But, purposeful bedhead on men is very popular among women. It gives the impression that you are laid back and easygoing. To pull this look off, you will need a haircut that lets you work your hands into your hair with a little bit of product to help it keep its shape.

Confidence In Your Hair Style

There is not necessarily a general consensus among women regarding the most attractive hairstyles for men. But, women do say they prefer when a guy owns his look and has confidence in it. Whether your shave your head, rock a pompadour or go for the crew cut, you want to sport a hairstyle that makes you feel good. Of course, certain hairstyles are probably best not revisited (frosted tips and mullets come to mind). However, if your style is not necessarily “in-style,” but it makes you feel like you, embrace it because women love when a guy has confidence.  

When They DON’T Always Wear a Hat

Women generally despise it when men constantly wear a hat, especially a baseball hat. Firstly, they often wear down and are dirty and smelly by the time you feel you just got it broken in. Secondly, and more importantly, women often think that men are hiding beneath a ball cap. And indeed, many men chose to conceal things about their hair they are embarrassed about, such as receding hairlines, crown thinning, and balding.


Wearing a hat daily or nearly every day can potentially worsen hair thinning, as the constant rubbing and friction on your scalp can decrease blood flow to your hair follicles. Thus, men trying to conceal thinning need to consider options that help with hair growth instead of hiding beneath a hat.

Hair With Texture

We know that ladies aren’t super interested in men who use too much product in their hair. Yet, women do like it when men’s hair has texture to it. Whether it is curly, purposefully disheveled, coarse, thick, or wavy, women like when your hair has some personality. Thus, flattening your hair or leaving it un-styled is often not too appealing.


Getting texture can take a little extra effort, especially if your hair tends to lay flat naturally or is fine. To get more texture, ask your barber or stylist to help you find a hair cut the adds in texturing elements or give you a haircut with areas of different lengths.

Clean Lines

Last but certainly not least, women like it when your hairline is clean, which means that you do not have fuzzy or scraggly hair traveling down the back of your neck. Thus, you will want to keep your sideburns even and trimmed (you can do this when shaving) and make sure the back of your neck is hair-free. (Hair coming out of your shirt collar or sticking off your neck is generally unattractive to most women.) And while we are talking about grooming, please don’t forget to keep your eyebrows clean as well (dare we also remind you to check your nose and ears as well?). Women want to focus on the hair on your head instead of unwelcome tentacles that can shoot off other parts of your face and neck.

What If I Am Struggling With Hair Loss?

Now that we have talked about the top things women love about a guy’s hair, there is an elephant in the room: what if you are losing your hair? So many men struggle with male pattern baldness, and most are pretty self-conscious about this. Even if we told you that over 85% of men experience hair loss at some point in their life, this fact still wouldn’t make you feel better about your thinning hair.


If you are losing your hair and don’t intend to go bald or sport a receding hairline, you have to do something about it. If you do not, it will progress until you are left with little to no hair. The majority of hair loss is due to androgenic alopecia (or male pattern baldness). This condition tends to run in families and may have a genetic component.


There are only a few options for restoring hair growth aside from hair transplants. The most common treatment option is to use a topical solution for hair regrowth. Historically, people used minoxidil, an over-the-counter hair regrowth solution sold at most grocery and drug stores. More recently, DS Laboratories discovered Nanoxidil 5%, a non-greasy, non-irritating formulation that reverses hair loss caused by various conditions, including androgenic alopecia. To help your hair regrow without damaging existing hairs or irritating your scalp, use the SPECTRAL.DNC-N Redensifying Treatment. It treats even the most complicated patterns of baldness, including on the hairline and vertex.

Everything You Need To Gain Full Confidence In Your Hair

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