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5 Signs of Thinning Hair

5 Signs of Thinning Hair

How do you know if your hair is thinning? Sometimes, when one is in the very beginning stages of hair loss, it can be difficult to be certain if one’s hair is thinning due to biological hair loss concerns like Alopecia or Telogen Effluvium, or if there is an alternative explanation.


Could it just be the way your hair is parted that day? A bad haircut? Or are you truly seeing the initial signs of hair loss? Maybe you are noticing more and more hair left behind on your hairbrush, or possibly an increase in hair in the shower drain. But how do you know the difference between a typical amount of shed and excess?


Read on to discover how to identify hair thinning in its early stages.

Receding Hairline

One of the incipient signs of hair loss can be a receding hairline. At the start, it may be difficult to notice, and in some cases, it may take years for this to become visible. Typically, the temples will begin to recede symmetrically from either side of the head. For many individuals, this can be the first signs of thinning hair.

Less Hair in the Crown Area

As hair loss begins to progress, you may start to notice less hair in the crown area. This is what is most associated with the beginning stages of “balding” or certain types of alopecia. The sides of the head will typically remain full and show little to no change in density during this time.

Your Hair Doesn’t Hold a Style the Same Way

If your hair has begun to thin, you might have started to observe that your hair simply does not hold a style, or perhaps the products you have been using suddenly don’t seem to work the same as they used to. If you have tried changing your hair care products and observe minimal difference, this can be another possible sign of thinning.

You Notice Excess Hair Lying Around

If you have been noticing fallen hairs around you (more than usual) on your clothing, at your desk, on the bathroom floor, etc. and you have not changed anything about your routine, this may be attributed to thinning.

Scalp is Prone to Sunburn

If your scalp has become much more sensitive to sunlight or is even becoming easily sunburned, your hair may be losing its density. Typically, the hair on our heads protects our scalps from intense sunlight. The less hair on the scalp, the more likely you are to experience redness, discoloration, or even sunburn on the scalp when outdoors.

Prevention is Key.

It can be alarming when one notices hair loss/ thinning and many individuals experience extreme anxiety that this can be “the beginning of the end.” However, there is power in recognizing the early signs. Early detection and prevention are some of your most powerful tools when it comes to combating hair loss. The sooner you know, the quicker you can react, and it is much easier to maintain the hair levels that you have than it is to have to regrow hair.


If you have noticed that your hair has begun thinning, we would certainly recommend looking into some redensifying and growth-promoting products, like our Revita line, as well as a topical treatment depending on the severity of your concern. If you would like, you can schedule a product consultation with our product specialists here: Schedule Appointment with DS Laboratories ( for personalized recommendations. Once you become aware of your concerns, you are one step closer to treating them, and we are more than happy to help guide you throughout your journey and assist you in creating a regimen that might work for you.

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