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10 Reasons CBD Helps With Hair Growth

10 Reasons CBD Helps With Hair Growth

More and more, products with CBD are infiltrating the skin and hair care marketplace, and for a good reason. CBD is an incredible anti-inflammatory agent that hydrates and soothes your skin. People who use CBD products find their skin is less irritated and more hydrated. And, if they use it in their hair products, it makes their hair healthier, stronger, longer, thicker, and shinier. Those with hair loss can particularly benefit from CBD products to help with hair growth. The following are 10 reasons you should use a CBD shampoo and conditioner if you are battling hair thinning.

#1 CBD Is an Anti-inflammatory Powerhouse

One of the reasons why CBD has flooded health spaces is because it has tons of anti-inflammatory markers. At the root of all physical health complaints and problems is inflammation. When something is not right in our body, the immune system releases cells in the bloodstream that help pull fluid into damaged tissues. The result is swelling. Inflammation is one of the key ways our body fights off damage from bacteria, trauma, and toxins. But sometimes, our immune system goes rogue and even attacks our own healthy tissues.


There are various causes behind hair loss, including your genetics, male or female pattern hair loss, hormones, stress, aging, and medication. But, the underlying cause of hair loss from any of these things is inflammation. So, if you are struggling with hair loss, one of the first things you will want to do is curb inflammation in your scalp. Unfortunately, most shampoo and conditioner products do not help fight this underlying cause of inflammation, so you will want to look for a product line that specifically combats hair loss with the use of CBD, like the REVITA.CBD shampoo and conditioner.

#2 CBD Has Antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules that round up and fight free radicals floating around in your body. Free radicals are compounds that damage your tissues over time, especially if you have high amounts of them in your body. When free radicals are in your body, it causes oxidative stress, making it harder for tissues to repair themselves. We know that free radicals are linked to diseases like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.


Free radicals can also cause hair loss. Some studies suggest that they cause your hair to age faster, much like your skin does when it is exposed to harmful UV rays for extended periods of time. Thus, exposure to free radicals can lead to problems like dry, brittle, and thinning or balding hair. It can also affect your hair growth cycle, delaying the telogen phase and shortening the anagen phase so that your hair doesn’t grow as quickly, and when it does grow, it falls out more quickly.


Because antioxidants help fight off free radicals, you want to use hair care products rich in their antioxidant properties. CBD is a great way to enrich your scalp and hair follicles with antioxidants to counter the effects of oxidative stress.

#3 Gets Rid of Flaking

Flaky scalps are itchy, uncomfortable, and can make you feel self-conscious. A build-up of skin cells also prevents hair from growing and is sometimes related to a fungal infection. CBD can help curb skin build-up and prevent flaking from occurring, even when it is due to some of the peskiest conditions like seborrheic dermatitis.

#4 Nourishes The Scalp

Just like you need to hydrate your skin, you need to moisturize your scalp as well. Many of us are schooled to wash our scalps thoroughly with shampoo, but avoid putting conditioner on the scalp, as it might leave your hair greasy. This practice can be helpful for many people, but it also can make your scalp dry out more quickly unless your shampoo has hydrating ingredients. Using a shampoo that has CBD not only cleanses but also hydrates your scalp.

#5 It Helps People with Different Hair Types

Some ingredients are limited to only helping people with certain hair types. However, this is not the case with CBD. Whether your hair is curly, straight, wavy, fine, brittle, or damage, CBD can help you restore health to your hair.

#6 Boost Blood Flow

CBD increases your cerebral blood flow through its relationship with your endocannabinoid system. By increasing blood flow to your follicles, your hair will receive more oxygen and nutrients to help boost growth and support existing follicles.

#7 Treats Scalp Conditions

We have already touched on how vital CBD is for getting rid of flaking and fighting inflammation. But, we also have seen that it directly benefits people who have scalp conditions like psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and eczema. In some of these conditions, the scalp produces too much sebum (oil) and in others the problems lies within the immune system. Because CBD targets so many different problematic areas (like too much oil production, inflammation, and oxidative stress), we see many of those tough-to-treat conditions respond very well to CBD hair products.

#8 CBD Has Antimicrobial Properties

Many people suffer hair loss related to an overgrowth of certain bacteria or fungi. People are at greater risk for hair loss and other hair and scalp complications when these infections go untreated. Yet, with regular use of CBD products, people can keep their scalp pH at a normal level, which helps the body naturally ward off these pesky invaders.

#9 Helps with Hormonal Hair Loss

Our hormones play a big role in our hair growth cycle. From thyroid hormones to sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone, these chemical messengers can broadcast their message loud and clear in how healthy or unhealthy our hair is at any given time. CBD works with several different endocrine receptors in the body to help restore hormonal balance. This component of CBD is vital, as hair thinning is often a sign of an imbalance in hormones.

#10 CBD Can Make Your Hair Bullet-proof Against Environmental Toxins

Our hair is exposed to all elements: wind, sunshine, cold, heat, etc. It is also constantly exposed to allergens, dust, molds, and other particles flying through the air. CBD has a unique way of cleansing your scalp and hair to get rid of environmental toxins that usually leave our hair limp and lifeless.


With regular use, CBD can make your hair feel thick and healthy and can improve hair growth and length. One of the best ways to get regular doses of topical CBD is to wash and condition your hair with CBD shampoos and conditioners. Shop the REVIA.CBD line at DS Laboratories to access safe and effective CBD products that can combat hair thinning.

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