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10 Foods That Help with Hair Loss

10 Foods That Help with Hair Loss

Whomever you may ask on advice for hair loss, one of the first thing they will tell you to focus or look at your diet. We cannot stress enough the importance of a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients and vitamins. It means going directly to the source of the problem and nipping it in the bud (in the case of course that you are not suffering from a severe condition). In case you were wondering which foods you should focus on to get that thick, voluminous and lustrous hair, we have made a list for you of the top power foods that help with hair loss.



When it comes to healthy greens, spinach is right there at the top. This leafy vegetable is simply packed with nutrients that are beneficial for the overall body health and this includes the hair as well. They contain iron, folate, vitamins A and C and all these nutrients promote the growth of our hair. The production of sebum which keeps the scalp moisturized and healthy is boosted by Vitamin A and only 1 cup of spinach per day provides up to 54% of the necessary intake of Vitamin A. The iron boosts the flow of oxygen to the hair thus helping with repair and regrowth.


Eggs are one of the most widely spread and accessible foods and we are so grateful for this delicious source of protein and biotin which are essential to promoting hair growth. Hair follicles are for the most part made of protein so it is no wonder that a diet rich in protein can boost the hair regrowth and prevent loss and thinning. The biotin in the eggs is essential for producing the hair protein called keratin a lot of research studies have shown a link between hair loss and biotin deficiency. Eggs are also packed with other hair healthy nutrients such as selenium and zinc thus making them one of the optimal foods for hair health.


Aside from being a yummy treat, berries are simply loaded with all those healthy compounds as well as vitamins which most definitely promote hair regrowth and help prevent further hair loss. Those include vitamins and antioxidants. Antioxidants protect our hair follicles from free radicals which can be harmful to our hair. Most important out of these is Vitamin C that has great antioxidant properties. It boosts collagen production which is the protein responsible for strengthening the hair. Another very useful feature of Vitamin C is that it helps our bodies absorb iron, which connected with the high iron levels in spinach makes quite the powerful combo.


I mean, who doesn’t like a good guacamole? Avocados are an amazing source of healthy fats and Vitamin E. Vitamin E also has strong antioxidant properties that helps neutralize free radicals and protect the hair follicles. Taking vitamin E supplements is scientifically proven to boost hair growth by 34.5%. Avocados are also very rich in fatty acids that our bodies cannot naturally produce, and yet are essential for hair and follicle health.

Fatty Fish

Fish that are naturally fatty such as herring, salmon or mackerel, are packed full of healthy omega-3 and omega-6 acids and also antioxidants. If you are unable to include them regularly in your diet, make sure you take fish oil supplements as studies have shown that women taking those supplements have noticeably improved their hair and reduced hair loss. These kinds of fish are also packed full of Vitamins B and D3, selenium and protein.

Carrots & Sweet Potatoes

These vegetables make such a strong combo. While carrots are a direct source of vitamin A, sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene which the body converts into vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential when it comes to good health of our hair. It promotes sebum production, speeds up the hair growth rate and prevents follicles from regressing.

Nuts & Seeds

Ever seen a squirrel or a hamster with hair problems? Those fluffy sweethearts are fluffy for a reason. Nuts are full of a variety of nutrients essential for preventing hair loss and improving the health of the hair and scalp such as vitamin E, variety of B vitamins, fatty acids and zinc. Studies directly link the deficiency of these nutrients with hair loss. Seeds are amazingly low on calories, while at the same time providing nutrients such as zinc, vitamin E, vitamins B and selenium. A mixture of seeds such as chia and flaxseeds are always a good addition to your daily meal plan.

Meat & Seafood

Meat is a great source of protein that is essential for hair growth and iron that is easily absorbable. Poultry meat such as chicken is particularly rich in high quality protein. Oysters provide a balanced intake of zinc, while shrimp are rich in many hair beneficial nutrients. They contain protein, B vitamins, zinc, vitamin D and iron.

Beans & Lentils

For those who are not great fans of meat, beans are an amazing source of protein, which needless to say is essential for hair growth. They are also full of zinc, iron, biotin and folate. Lentils also contain all of these nutrients along with folic acid which repairs the red blood cells and help supply the hair and scalp with proper amounts of oxygen.

Sweet Peppers

It is all too familiar to us that sweet peppers are simply packed with vitamin C, even more so than any citrus fruit. As a matter of fact, only 1 yellow pepper can provide almost 5.5 times more vitamin C than one orange. They are also a great source of vitamin A. This combo promotes the production of collagen that keeps the hair strong, and sebum that keeps the scalp hydrate.

Optimize Your Nutritional Intake For Hair Health & Growth

All in all, a good head of hair depends on how well you balance your diet (among other factors, of course.) Always make sure that you include foods rich in vitamins, zinc, iron, selenium, biotin, iron as well as fatty acids. These ingredients can slow down the hair loss process and boost hair regrowth and renewal.

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